Sunny Sunday

Today was a perfect day to get back to nature here in NYC.  Oh yes, that means a trip to the wilderness of Central Park.  Where the native fauna are outnumbered by Boston Terriers and Yorkies.

I actually do love the park.  It’s a great place to run, if for no other reason than the hills, which are hard to find in Mahnattan.  Today’s run was nice, followed by a stroll around the Upper West Side and some beer.  A lovely Sunday!  I can only hope that the weather will be this nice a week from now on marathon day!

Today’s EAT: A late lunch of Moules Frites at B. Cafe.  Then, I made this Brazilian Shrimp Soup for dinner.  It was tasty, but a little thin….I think I’ll reduce the amount of water next time.

Today’s DRINK: Had some tasty Belgian beer (hubs, Leffe Blond, and me, Hoegaarden) at lunch.  Then a bottle of cheap twobuckchuck with dinner.

Today’s RUN: 6 miles, mellow, around Central Park Drive.  51:30.


2 responses to “Sunny Sunday

  1. LOVE the new blog! I don’t know what I’m more jealous of – the yummy eats, the fact that you can run and I can barely walk a mile, or the abundance of cocktails 🙂

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