Meet Emmy…and Parker

As I mentioned before, I am shamelessly obsessed with my cat.  Meet Emmy:

IMG_2090 - Copy

She’s been with me for the last six years and really is the  She snuggles, talks, plays, and is SO endearingly dim-witted.  Like when she takes off at rocket speed across our hardwood floors and, upon hitting the breaks, slams into the wall, cartoon-style.  Or when she immediately goes in to 10o% serious kitty-alert-mode when she hears the key-chain jingle of that evil device that harbors her nemesis, the laser-pointer dot.  Other than the fact that she tends to leave a trail of white fur wherever she goes (which is not her fault, really), she is pretty much perfect.

Upon arriving in NYC and finding myself jobless and bored, I started volunteering at a cat rescue here in Manhattan.  (See, I warned you – crazy cat lady in the making here!)  I enjoy it though – once a week, I go and join a small group of volunteers in feeding, cleaning, and playing with about 30-40 cats in the rescue’s adoption center.

Apparently many people saw this coming:  “So, how long until you come home with another cat?”

As it turns out: about five weeks. 🙂  Meet Parker, our “foster” kitty:

IMG_2086 - Copy

He is a handsome 4-year-old kitty who, until recently, was living in the Central Park Zoo.  One of his ears is clipped, which would usually indicate that he was once a feral, but given that he is the friendiest cat I’ve ever met, I have a hard time believing it!  He has settled quite nicely into our little family here.

What?  When does he go back to the rescue?  Um.  Yeah.  Let me get back to you on that one. 

Enough chatter about kitties, huh?  Emmy says, YOU ARE BORING ME.


Today’s EAT: Lunch at Spice, a little Thai place in Chelsea.  It’s part of a mini-chain and is pretty decent.  I’m picky about Thai food and won’t say it’s the best ever, but the prices are great and the food is good.  I’d go back if I were in the neighborhood.  Dinner?  Leftovers.  Yawn.

Today’s DRINK: Trader Joe’s Mission St. Pale Ale.  Beer prices are one of the most shocking and frustrating things about NYC life, and I don’t mean just at the bar.  I once paid $15 for a six-pack of Heineken Light at a convenience store.  At grocery stores, it’s rare to find anything under $9-10 – even total crap beer.  The exception to this is Trader Joe’s.  Six packs for six bucks.  So every week I brave the madness (and, I tell you, TJ’s in Union Square is MADNESS) to save a few bucks on the beer habit.

Today’s RUN: Easy 4 miles in Hudson Park.  33:15.


2 responses to “Meet Emmy…and Parker

  1. Emmy’s a cutie! Yay for fostering Parker.

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