It’s WSG Time!

I’ve blogged about Weird Single Girl behavior before.  You ladies know what I mean….and it doesn’t actually matter whether you’re single or not.  It’s those weird things you can do when you’re on your own, even just for a day.  Like eating cheese for breakfast, cereal for lunch and Oreos for dinner. 

Well, I’m all by my lonesome this week, and although I adore my hubby, I am a happy little camper.  I love some alone time! 

Unattractive flannel PJs? Check.

Fuzzy socks? Check.

Odd dinner involving seemingly random ingredients? Check.

Glass of cheap wine? Check.

Television so trashy I’m not sure I can even admit to it here? Check.*

I am also enjoying sleeping diagonally across the bed and snoozing the alarm approximately 17 times in the morning.  There are some things about sleeping alone that are just SO nice.

Which isn’t to say I won’t be happy for the hubs to return on Saturday.  But I’m enjoying every last square foot** of this tiny apartment in the meantime!

Today’s EAT: I was running late from a morning appointment this morning and indulged a craving I’ve had for a while: McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets.  All I can say is, YUM.  I savored every shape in the box – the round ones, the parallelogram-shaped ones, and the ones that are vaguely, and oddly, S-shaped.  I don’t eat fast food very often, but sometimes it just hits the spot. 

Today’s DRINK: Having a glass of some random red wine from TJs.  I was going to try to figure out what it was to say something meaningful here, but the back doesn’t even say what the blend is.  Yeah….that’s the mark of a great wine!  It’s okay though.  It’s drinkable.

Today’s RUN: Track workout, 12X200m, 41-43 sec (5:28-5:44 pace).  My last real workout before race day on Sunday, and an old favorite that brought back memories from my younger days of tapering during cross-country and track seasons.  It’s not really a marathon appropriate workout, I suppose, but it felt fantastic.  It was fun to get out and run a little faster after weeks of loading on long, slow miles!

*OK, I can.  E’s “12 Sexiest Vegas Jobs” followed by a mini-marathon of TLC’s “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.” 

**All 350 of them!


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