WTF NYC Moment of the Week

Walking up 8th Ave in Chelsea on a sunny afternoon.

Lots of people out enjoying the weather.

And….there is a trash can on fire.  Like, totally and completely enulfed in flames.  Black plummets of smoke spewing out of it.   People are walking right by it; no one is even batting an eye.


The best part?  There were two NYPD cops with a van parked about half a block away, drinking coffee and chatting.


Today’s EAT: One of my neighborhood favorites, Joe’s Pizza.  I don’t know how cheese, sauce and dough can be SO good….

Today’s DRINK: Water….boring water.  I added some lemon to be a little festive!  Unfortunately, I don’t think beer is part of standard pre-race carb-loading!  So the next couple of days are gonna be kinda blah in this little section.

Today’s RUN: Three miles easy, 26:45.  My last run until Sunday!  Yay!


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