C is for Cookie…and Curry

C is for cookie, it’s good enough for meeeeeeee…..


After meh-ing all of my creative, DIY homemade costume ideas, the hubs decided that Cookie Monster was the way to go for Halloween this year.  And honestly?  It was pretty cute.  He had a TON of admirers as we made our way through the Greenwich Village parade/bar crowd!

My costume was less….um…visually striking.  However, it was highly accurate.  I was a runner. 🙂


Although Halloween is CRAZY in our neighborhood – seriously, it was like Mardi Gras on our street – we had a relatively low-key Halloween.  I hung out at a friend’s house party for a couple of hours and then went to bed early so I could wake up at the crack of dawn to run the marathon.  Maybe next year we’ll partake in the parade craziness a little more!

Today’s EAT: For lunch, a delicious and inexpensive meal at Grand Sichuan International in Chelsea.  It was pretty damn good and I think will be a staple on my ever-expanding cheap-eats list!  For dinner, I made a simple “Red-on-Red” Curry.  Healthy and delicious!  (Of course, I have negated any healthful benefit of the curry by swilling wine and eating peanut butter cups.  But that’s OK.)

Today’s DRINK: I’m a sucker for wine that comes in a cute bottle.  So when I saw this smily-face wine at TJs, I had to buy it:


It’s a blend of some sort and it’s really not bad.  Especially not for six bucks!

Today’s RUN: None, as it’s my recovery week.  But I did go to yoga this morning, which actually felt awesome on my stiff post-marathon muscles.


One response to “C is for Cookie…and Curry

  1. LOVE the costumes! I just showed Drew’s pic to Michael, and he pointed at him and said “C”! So funny 🙂

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