WTF NYC Moment of the Week

We all know that NYC apartment life means making some sacrifices.  Things like dishwashers, closets, balconies, laundry facilities….ah, all a distant memory.

You also live right on top of your neighbors and, given the lack of space, start to know bizarre things about their lives.  For instance, I can tell you much about my next door neighbor, even though I have never met her or even seen her:

* She is French – or, at least, primarily speaks French

* She takes a shower at 9:20 AM every day.  At 9:35 she blow-dries her hair and at 9:50 sharp, leaves the apartment for the day.

* She’s a pretty decent cook.  At least, my nose thinks so.

All of that’s fine – honestly, I don’t mind hearing (and smelling) my neighbors from time to time.  It’s part of the NYC experience.

However, I recently learned something disturbing about someone in my building.  He or she has acquired a tuba.

I am not even kidding – an effing TUBA.  Or maybe it’s a french horn?  No, I am going with tuba.  The sounds coming into my window are tuba all the way.

For the sake of everyone in my building, I can only hope that tuba lessons are not far behind.  Because band practice is going to get old very quickly.

Today’s EAT:  Trying an Argentenian restaurant in SoHo tonight.  Excited!

Today’s DRINK: Going to meet some friends at Bua for drinks after dinner.  Yay for a night out!

Today’s RUN: For my first real post-marathon workout, I went to spinning class today at the gym.  One thing I love about spin class is that you can make it as hard as you want to.  I picked a bike in the back and opted for not hard at all. 🙂  It felt great to get my legs moving again though!  I am officially not sore or stiff anymore, and I can’t wait to get  back to running again next week.


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