Summer in the City

In November?!  You betcha!  It’s been 70 degrees in NYC the last couple of days!

Today, I decided to take advantage of the weather and celebrate by running for the first time since the marathon.  It actually felt pretty good; no aches and no pains, with the exception of a painful knot in my right calf…which I suspect has nothing to do with the marathon and everything to do with a certain pair of 4″ heels and the dance floor at the Gansevoort on Saturday night.

Today’s EAT: Nothing exciting today, but I must share these awesome scallops that I made as an appetizer on Friday night.  Hubs and I were committed to staying in, being good, and eating our leftovers instead of spending money going out.  So I treated us to these Seared Sea Scallops with Mango Sauce to make things a little more fun.  They were super easy and delicious!


Recipe here!

Today’s DRINK: Again from Friday night.  Festive cocktails make a night in fun!  Chilled vodka + chambord with a little (cheap) champagne over the top. 


Today’s RUN: The recovery party’s over…back to running!  I’m doing a 10k in December, and it would be nice get a little faster pace going.  I took it easy today though.  4 miles in Hudson park, 37:30.


One response to “Summer in the City

  1. 70 degrees? That’s not summer weather here..that’s fall weather. 😀

    Scallops look yummy!

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