And the Laziness Sets In

It is easy after a marathon to get super pumped up about your future running/fitness plans.  It is, apparently, much more difficult to actually execute them.

Case in point: me, this afternoon.  I had two and a half hours between work meetings and somehow convinced myself that there was no way I could get a run or workout in.  Umm….what?  My lazy ass needs to get off the couch (which, unfortunately or fortunately, is also my office) and DO IT.

This happened to me last year after the Marine Corps Marathon, which was in October 2008.  By December 2008, I found myself groveling to a personal trainer at my then-gym.  It was an expensive lesson, and one  I’m not anxious to repeat!

Which is why tomorrow morning, I’m going to do something that I hate more than almost anything.  I’m going to get up early and go to the gym.  There is a “body pump” class that I think would be good for me right now, and the only time it’s offered it 6:45 AM.  UGH.  But, I’m determined to not let my marathon fitness totally slip away from me.  It  must be done.

Tomorrow’s 6:15 alarm is going to suck.  I’m a non-morning-person if there ever was one.  Wish me luck!

Today’s EAT: Had a lovely little dinner at Camaje Bistro.  Affordable French-ish food in a very casual – almost coffe-shop – atmosphere.  It was great!

Today’s DRINK: Found a new bar in the ‘hood that I think will become a favorite: The Room.  I guess it’s technically in SoHo, as it’s half a block south of Houston, but it’s a five minute walk from my apartment and is appropriately cozy and cute while maintaining a decent beer selection.  I love exploring all of the fun little places in our neighborhood!

Today’s RUN:  Ummmmm…..yeah.

*cough cough*

I’ll do better tomorrow…I promise!


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