Laundry Day

Laundry might just be my favorite aspect of NYC life:

Step 1: Put laundry in bag.

Step 2: Call laundry guy.

Step 3: Give bag to laundry guy, who, BTW, has traveled to your building and climbed five flights of stairs to your apartment.

Step 4: (a few hours later) Call laundry guy again.

Step 5: Accept bag of laundry from laundry guy, who has again traveled to your building and again climbed five flights of stairs to your apartment, this time carrying 30 pounds of your fresh-smelling, neatly-folded, still-warm-from-the-dryer clothing.

Step 6: Tip generously because, seriously, this is awesome.

I know this isn’t anything novel if you’ve lived in NYC before, but for me?  Wash and fold is AMAZING.  I hate doing laundry.  I can’t imagine having to go back to doing laundry.  Please tell me it won’t ever happen.

Sure, it’s a little expensive….but hey, what am I supposed to do?  There’s no washer/dryer in my building.  And I’d like to think that no matter how marginally I am employed, my time is more valuable than spending several hours at a laundrimat (which is not a cheap option anyway).

Another thing that made me happy today: this, folks, is amost a genuine snuggle!

Emmy and Parker were sleeping and touching. 🙂  Actually, before I got this photo Parker was curled up similar to Emmy, rather than sprawled like that….and giving the camera bedroom eyes like he’s on a fashion shoot or something. 

It makes me happy to see them sleeping together.  I mean, they get along great, but I would absolutely die from the cuteness if they were to start spooning together or something.  One can hope!

Today’s EAT:  I spent a few hours working today over in the East Village and had a delicious Vietnamese sandwich from Nicky’s.  LOVE that place.

Today’s DRINK: Sipping on a glass of Big Red Truck (Trader Joe’s – cheap!) while I wait for the hubs to get home and see what’s on tap for this Friday night.



Today’s RUN: 5 miles, easy, my usual Hudson route.  43:30.  Recovering from a little speedwork and lower-body lifting yesterday – ouch!


2 responses to “Laundry Day

  1. Wash & Fold hmmm do they do your delicates (bras & undies) too? 🙂

  2. BTW cute pic of Emmy & Parker.

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