WTF NYC Moment of the Week

I love my apartment, but my building is a little odd sometimes.

It was an tenemant building back in the day.  The current mix of residents includes young people, old people (“I’ve been in this building since 1962!”) and everything in between.  The hallways are narrow and kind of run-down but very clean and slightly charming in their own way. 

And at the top of every flight of stairs, there is a random toilet.

The hubs and I always giggle about this.  It is SO weird.  There’s this thing that looks like a closet door, and one day we were curious, so we peered inside.  And there ya go – a toilet.  Not a bathroom, with a sink and everything.  Just a toilet.  Turns out, there is one on every floor.  Must have been some sort of shared bathroom arrangement from days of yore.  I’m glad things have improved since then.

Well today, I saw some weird man on my floor actually using this toilet.  Or going in to the little room and closing the door behing him, anyway.  And there’s not enough room to do anything non-toilet-related in there. 

Seriously?  WTF!  Who uses a random hallway toilet?!

My building is so weird sometimes.

Today’s EAT: Since we’ll be with friends for Thanksgiving this year, and I am a huge dork who loves cooking Thanksgiving, I made a mini-feast for us last night.  That means that tonight is leftovers night.  Yesssss.  I love Thanksgiving leftovers!

Today’s DRINK: A bottle of Goats Do Roam Rose.  Who doesn’t love pink wine with their stuffing and cranberries??

Today’s RUN: My usual five-mile Hudson river route.  Nice and mellow, 42:35.  I was going to hit the gym, but the weather outside was actually perfect, for me, for running: upper 40s with a light drizzle.  I know, yuck, right?  I don’t know if it’s because this was basically the weather for six months of the year where I grew up in WA, but these are some of my favorite conditions for running.  And it was indeed a great run.


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