The Wheels on the Bus

The hubs and I are headed to DC tomorrow to see some good friends for Thanksgiving.  And we are taking the bus.

I’m still not used to this whole Northeast travel thing.  Where I’m from, you want to go somewhere, you drive.  Or fly.  Trains and buses?  Not so much.

But I’ve tried Amtrak and liked it.  A lot, actually.  So we’ll see how the “DC2NY” bus treats us.  Purportedly, they have free WiFi and AC outlets at every seat.  If that’s true, it would be awesome, but I’m not holding my breath!

Today’s EAT: Had dinner at a friend’s place and ordered Patsy’s Pizza.  This place is something of a NYC institution, and I’d never tried it, so I was excited!  It didn’t disappoint.  Delicious pizza.

Today’s DRINK: A couple of beers with dinner. Pacifico, yum.

Today’s RUN: Did some crosstraining (30 min on the elliptical) plus a little upper-body lifting at the gym: lat pull down, bench, shoulder press, lat raises, low row, bicep curls and finishes off with a good old-fashioned push up ladder (10 down to 1).  It was a little disappointing because I used to be able to do an entire ladder, 10 down to 1 AND back up, of “real” push ups….but this time I was on my knees by the time I got to 7.  Oh well, somethng to work toward!

In other running news, I am excited to be running a Turkey Trot this year!  I just signed up today for a 10K in the DC area.  Thursday morning is going to be an unpleasantly early morning, but I haven’t done a Turkey Trot in years, so I am thrilled!


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