Ah, Holidays

Five days.  Countless episodes of overindulgance in food and drink.  Exactly one workout.

Why does it feel so good, and then so bad?  Time to get back on track today.  A quick Thanksgiving recap:

– The bus to DC was not so bad.  I mean, the train is much nicer, but given the substantial difference in price, I’d say the bus wasn’t a bad deal.

– My race went fine!  I didn’t set any personal records or anything, but I survived the 10K and finished just under 48 minutes.  The course was very hilly and, fortunately, it was quite foggy out that morning which prevented me from seeing and dreading each upcoming hill.

– Thanksgiving was a great time, full of lots of food and wine and friends.  I don’t know how many years it’s been since either the hubs or I have been “home” for Thanksgiving.  Several.  We’ve sort of turned it in to a friends holiday, which works well for us since (A) it’s a massive pain to travel across the country to see family for just a couple of days, and (B) it’s a fun excuse to get together with friends that we otherwise don’t see all that often.  Anyway, thanks again to our wonderful hosts for a fantastic weekend!

Back to the grind today.  Which for me began bright and early at 6:45 – I finally tried that body pump class at the gym.  Ugh!

Today’s EAT: Leftovers from 20-cent wing night at Malachy’s on the UWS.  We came upon this little dive yesterday after a stroll in Central Park and I’m so glad we did!   Cheap, cheap dinner with lots of leftovers.

Today’s DRINK: Not sure.  We are a little over-indulged from the weekend so I’m guessing no wine with dinner tonight.  However, I’m sure I’ll sip on a TJ’s Mission Street Pale Ale while watching MNF tonight!

Today’s RUN: Well, I did the body pump class thing this morning.  But honestly, it really wasn’t such a great workout.  It was basically just low-weight, high-rep lifting.  I think I’ll stick to my regular lifting routine from now on.  And I’m thinking I’ll try to go out and squeeze five miles in this afternoon/evening if it ever stops raining….

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