Weird Gym People

I don’t have a ton to say today, but can I please just share my aghast-ness over the guy at my gym tonight who was….

…silver haired, somewhat lanky, but clean-cut and mostly normal looking….

…but lifting weights in boxer shorts and boating loafers?!?

I mean, seriously, dude.  I know it’s the village and I see my share of weird crap.  But benchpressing in your skivvies?  COME ON.

Today’s EAT: Dinner was one of my weeknight standbys: Bobby Flay’s korean-style short ribs.  I know I’ve posted them here before, but these make such a tasty and economical dinner.  The meat is like four bucks at Trader Joe’s, and pre sliced.  The marinade takes about five minutes to whisk together using jarred crushed garlic and ginger.  YUM.  So easy and cheap!

Today’s DRINK: Nothing special…just some two buck chuck.  I stocked up a couple of weeks ago, and now we have quite a backlog of cheap wine to drink our way through!

Today’s RUN: I did a version of the “beat the crap out of your legs” workout that my trainer at my old gym in Cleveland used to make me do.  (Oh, how I miss those workouts!!)  In an hour: 5X10 squats – 5 minute tempo run on TM – 5X10 deadlifts – 5 minute tempo – 5X10 quad presses – 5 min tempo – 5X10 weighted lunges – 5 min tempo.  It was the second time I’ve done a variation on this workout since the marathon, and I was happy that I was able to run a little faster and lift a little heavier than last time!  I guess we’ll see how my legs feel tomorrow, though.


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