Oh, to be a cat

An exciting thing arrived in my apartment today.  My mom sent a care package of wine to me and the hubs (thanks, mom!!) and guess what it came in: A BOX.

OMG OMG OMG….it’s a BOX!

Seriously.  There is no better cat toy in the WORLD than an empty box.  You could spend hundreds of dollars buying every cat toy out there and you know what?  They’d still go for the box.

Emmy cannot see a box and not go inside.  Impossible!

Which of course meant that Parker had to go in the box.  And Emmy went crazy trying to get him to come out of there.

And this is pretty much how we spent our afternoon.  So thanks again for the wine, mom!  And for completely exhausting my cats.  Both are completely passed out right now and we will hopefully snooze right through the 6 AM Kitty Alarm Clock tomorrow morning!

(Yes, I hear those of you who have actual human children scoffing at me.  This is why I have feline children.  I cherish my sleep.)

Today’s EAT: Delivery Chinese from Grand Sichuan.  The hubs insists that we order something “authentic” off of the menu when we order Chinese.  So we tried some double braised beef thingy but….yeah, the orange chicken was better.  Chinese delivery is what it is.  The “bad” stuff is always the best.  🙂

Today’s DRINK: Enjoying a bottle of the care package wine – which is definitely a step up from our normal fare.  Uh, several steps, perhaps. 🙂  EB Foote Shiraz and it is quite enjoyable:

Today’s RUN: I was cranking on a couple of things for work today and didn’t get out to run or gym it.  But, since I haven’t written in a while, let me recount my running triumphs of the last few days.

….echo, echo…..

…..pin drop…..

….crickets chirping…..

Ok, I’ve been pretty damn lazy the last few days.  I have a 4-mile race this weekend so maybe that will get me back in to gear!  Or maybe December is just a lazy month.


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