Christmas is in the air

…and at the bar, too.   Cookies and milk?   Nah, Santa prefers tequila shots!

Seriously, my neighborhood cracks me up.  We live on a block that’s full of bars.  Today, apparently, was some sort of Santa Pub Crawl.  Hundreds of people in Santa suits flooding the street and the bars.  Awesome.  I only wish I had known about this in advance so I could have participated!

Since we’re in the holiday spirit, I must show off my itty bitty Christmas tree:

14 bucks at Trader Joe’s and it stands a mere 1.5″ tall!  Don’t mock the cheesy bows and garland – I got them at CVS.  I had pretty much assumed that there was no way in hell we’d have a tree this year, since our apartment is about sixteen square feet.  So all of our Christmas decorations?  They’re in a storage unit in Long Island City. 😦  Oh well!  I am very much enjoying the one real ornament, which was a gift this year from one of the awesome girls on the fitness/running board on which I hang out.   It says: All I want for Christmas is a New PR.  Don’t I ever!

Today’s EAT: Dinner tonight at Cafe Cortadito in the East Village with some HBS folks, followed by…

Today’s DRINK: at Nurse Bettie in the LES.  Can’t wait to see everyone!

Today’s RUN:  Well, I bagged by weekend race plans.  I’m officially a wussy.  It’s just too cold.  Maybe next weekend…there’s a 15k….

I did make it to the gym today for a little time on the elliptical and a great upper-body lifting workout though!


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