Shopping Fail

Ugh.  I do this every. Single. Year.

Christmas is, like, next week and I haven’t even STARTED shopping yet.  Zero, nada, nothing.  I even sat down tonight and thought to myself, “Hey, I should get the hubs over here and let’s sit down and order a bunch of stuff for people.”  But, nah.  I’m opting for goofing around on the net and watching MNF instead.

Sigh…maybe tomorrow night.  Or maybe it’ll be like every other year and I’ll find myself running around like a maniac on December 23.

Today’s EAT: Had a delicious lunch – the ham and fig sandwich at Local might be my very favorite sandwich in the city!  Dinner was nothing special, just a plain little stir-fry with beef and snow peas.  Trying to be a little bit healthy after yesterday’s bacon-and-chocolate orgy!

Today’s DRINK: Sigh.  In an effort to drop a few pounds before the holidays, the hubs has instituted a tyrannical regime suggested policy which consists of no booze on weeknights.  I’m trying to be supportive, but damn, I sure do like a glass of wine while I’m cooking. 

Oh well.  It probably wouldn’t kill me to lay off the vino and maybe shed the couple of pounds I’ve put on since the marathon.  So right now I’m sipping on some decaf Sweet and Spicy Tea, which actually has also taken the place of dessert.  Double healthy – booyah.

Today’s RUN: Today was relatively warm and dry outside – yay!  I ran outdoors for the first time in several days.  It was a great run – I did my normal 5-mile Hudson River route and came in just over 40 minutes, which is on the quick side for me!


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