There are tiny flies in my bathroom.  I am not sure what to make of this.

Honestly, I feel pretty lucky to have thus far avoided (crossing fingers!) cockroaches and bedbugs, given the “epidemics” you hear on the news here in NYC.  (I guess that is one of the advantages, aside from buff quads, of living on the sixth floor.  I don’t think your average roach is willing to climb that high.)

Anyway.  EWWWW, right?

I’m not sure if it’s from the mini christmas tree, or the bowl of clementines I have out and about to add holiday decor.  But something is attracting flies.  Ugh.  Tomorrow the bathroom will get a full vinegar cleanout and the clementines will go and we’ll hopefully figure out what the source is.

Today’s EAT: Tonight was the hubs’ office holiday party, which offered some appetizers but not quite enough for ravenous soul like me to call “dinner.”  So we stopped at Joe’s on the way home.  Mmmmm….OMG still the best pizza I’ve ever had….

Today’s DRINK: Had a couple of pints of Guinness at the party.  I like Guinness, especially in a  setting where I’m trying to limit my expense/intake.  I thoroughly enjoy each sip, and hence it’s cost effective.

Today’s RUN: I did mostly weights at the gym.  Well, weights followed by a 20-minute elliptical session that served as a warm up. 

I don’t like my workouts to be too structured, so I’ve come up with a plan that works well for me lately: I call it the “10 things” workout. 

So, today was upper body.  I had to do 10 things that worked my upper body – could be whatever I felt like doing.  I chose: (1) bench press, (2) lat pull down, (3) shoulder press, (4) lateral pull, (5) bicep curl, (6) low row, (7) assisted chin-up, (8) assisted dip, (9) fly and (10) push-up ladder.  The idea being that if there’s something that I really don’t feel like doing, I can sub something else.  It’s worked for me the last couple of weeks; hopefully it keeps me motivated to do strength training through the winter!


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