I spent most of my morning lying on the nasty, dirty floor of our local Petco, trying to coerce a skittery kitty out from under a shelf.  Seriously.

Since we moved to NYC, I’ve been volunteering once or twice a week at a local cat rescue.  (Plug – if you’re in the city and looking for a kitty, it’s the best place to go!)  My “job” is definitely grunt work – along with a handful of other volunteers I feed cats, clean their cages, and if things aren’t too crazy, work on socializing them a bit.  There are about 40-50 cats in our adoption center, which is inside of a busy Petco.

From my first day doing this, I’ve been secretly petrified of one thing: a cat getting out.  Scratches?  Part of the job.  Bites?  Unpleasant, but I’ll take it.  An escapee?  Holy crap, mortifying.  I’ve had my share of instances where a bold kitten with big dreams has launched itself onto my shoulder in a heroic bid for freedom, but fortunately, all of my charges have ultimately remained in their cages.

Anyway, today, one of my co-volunteers did it.  Her cat got out.  Yikes.

Let me tell you: a frightened cat on a mission to make itself obscure can travel at unthinkable speeds.  This little kitty made a beeline for the deepest, heaviest, most unmovable shelf in the vicinity and hunkered down underneath it, in the very back corner.  And I, along with my team, spent most of our morning employing everything from food, treats and catnip to the sharp end of a broom handle trying to get her out.  She would not budge.  You would not believe how heavy a tiny cat can be when it doesn’t want to move.

We never did get her out.  I feel terrible, but damn…that cat was not gonna budge.  I don’t know what they’ll do to try to get her back….and as a bottom-of-the-totem pole “feeder and cleaner” it’s not really my problem, but I still feel bad.

Let me tell you though…the floor of a high-traffic pet store is a nasty-ass place.  I could not WAIT to get in the shower when I finally got home!

Today’s EAT: Dinner from my very favorite Thai place, Morakote Siam.  Pad see ew with roasted duck = HEAVEN.  I actually consider us lucky that we got delivery tonight….most of the time the place doesn’t answer their phone and we end up with lesser Thai food.

Today’s DRINK: Um….we are going through this care package wine WAY too quickly!  We’re down three bottles already.  Tonight we broke open the EB Foote “Northwest Duet,” which is a Cab/Merlot blend.  Mmm…a nice glass of rich red wine on a cold day is fantastic!

Today’s RUN: I have to admit something.  I don’t think I can say that I hate the treadmill anymore.

I used to be very anti-treadmill.  Would run outside no matter the weather.  No way, no how, never would I go on a treadmill.

I don’t know if it’s my older age, or just the convenience, or what but….I don’t hate the treadmill lately.  In fact, I’ve even had a few great workouts!  Like today: I did some light speedwork, 8X800 meters at just under 7:00 pace with a minute recovery (walking) in between.  The whole thing (including warm up and cool down) was over in about 45 minutes and actually kind of fun. 

Sigh.  I am officially becoming a gym rat.


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