A winter race and a PR

Okay, that post title is slightly disingenuous:

(1) It’s not technically winter yet.  Although it sure feels like it – the temp at the start line of my morning race was a chilly 20 degrees.  And a massive nor’easter is coming through this afternoon, with more than a foot of snow expected in the city.  I know it’s only December 19 but this is winter.

(2) Yes – I got a PR!  This is this first time in many years I’ve gotten a PR.  5+ years probably. Wow.

The catch is that I could have walked the race and techincally gotten a PR, as it’s a distance I’d never raced before.  Doh!

Oh well.  I’ll take what I can get!

Race report:  I ran the NYRR Ted Corbitt 15k this morning.  As I mentioned, it was freezing cold at 7:30 AM in Central Park.  I can’t complain about the weather too much though, as it was calm and precipitation-free.

Upon arriving at the park, I was floored by how many people were there.  Thousands of people.  This was the first non-marathon-related NYRR race I have done and I have to admit, I’m a little intimidated and worried about my race plans for next spring and summer.  If this many people show up for a 15k on a cold morning in December, how many will be at a 5k on a pleasant day in April?

This worries me primarily because of crowding.  Overall the NYRR does a fantastic job of handling things, but I guess crowding at the start is inevitable.  It really messed with the first couple of miles of my race though…my first mile was about 3 minutes slower than it would have been without the crowds.  I think part of my problem today was due to how NYRR seeds people into start corrals though: apparently they use the per-minute mile pace from your last race.  So I was seeded in at my marathon (26 miles) pace for a 9 mile race – i.e., considerably slower!  I’m hoping that the next race I’ll be farther up in the pack and won’t have to deal with tripping over slower runners for the first couple of miles.

Anyway.  As I have mentioned before, I *despise* being hot when I run.  After mile one the gloves came off and went in the trash.  After mile two, the fleece headband was twisted around my wrist and my sleeves were rolled up.  I swear, I would have been a happy camper running in shorts and a t-shirt after getting warmed up a little! 

Once I got past the crowd and warmed up a little, at about mile 3, I fell in to a nice pace – a little challenging, but not too hard – and really enjoyed the rest of the race!

Overall my time was 1:15:11 – 70/519 in my age group, 215/1750 women overall, 8:05 pace.  (Haha – gone are the days of winning shit for racing.  I miss you sometimes, Ohio!)  I’m a little frustrated that my time would have been a little faster if not for all of the crowding those first couple of miles, but oh well.  I got out and had a good, hard workout on a cold day, and that’s a win!

And you know what?  It’s a PR.  Who cares if it’s my only time for the distance.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to say that and it feels nice. 🙂

Today’s EAT: Not sure what’s on tap for tonight – um, delivery maybe?  It’s supposed to snow like mad here tonight and staying in sounds perfect.  I’ve already gotten one treat from the delivery man today – a Joe’s Pizza pie, my post race lunch treat.

Today’s DRINK: Maybe a nice bottle of red wine tonight?  That seems like it goes well with being snowed in!

Today’s RUN: See long-winded race report above. 🙂


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