Lobster and truffles

Ooh la la, aren’t we having a decadent day here?

Mais oui, says Mr. Lobster:

One thing I miss dearly about Boston is the lobstah.  When we lived there, we lived two blocks from a little lobster shack called Alive and Kickin’.  There, a friendly man with an almost-unintelligable Bahstun accent would sell you a live crustacean for like $6/lb.  Of course, you had to murder the beast in your kitchen and dismember its cooked body in order to enjoy the succulent meat….but if you didn’t mind that, you c0uld get lobster for the price of a decent chicken breast in Boston!

Now, in NYC, we live a couple of blocks from The Lobster Place.  While it’s no Alive and Kickin’, they do have whole lobsters for a great price.  And they come fully cooked – a bonus for me, as honestly I am not really in to dropping whole live creatures in to boiling water.  (Revoke my aspiring-foodie card if you must.)

Anyway, tonight the hubs and I paid a visit to The Lobster Place – and to Murray’s a couple of doors down, for a good crusty baguette and some soft cheese – and had a fancy little feast in our apartment. 

2 lb cooked lobster: $22

Baguette: $2

Salad mix: $4

Brie: $6

Butter: well, we always have butter in the fridge, but maybe we used $1 worth?

Cheap chardonnay: $7

Awesome in-apartment-feast total: $42

And then….there was dessert.  The other day, I finally got around to making the Oreo Truffles that I’ve had my eye on for a while.  And I have to say….holy crap.  For a recipe that only has three ingredients and took about 30 minutes of active prep to make, these came out amazing.

I am now totally intrigued by the whole truffle-making concept.  If I can mix cream cheese and oreos and dip them in chocolate, what other ingredients would be good candidates for a chocolate bath?  I might just have to do some experimentation… 🙂

Today’s EAT: Pretty much as described above….we also had leftover Joe’s Pizza for lunch (I know…what a healthy day, right?)

Today’s DRINK:  One of my standard white wines…mock me if you will, but Lindemann’s Chardonnay is consistently cheap and drinkable.


Today’s RUN: No running, but I did go to a 90-minute yoga class at the gym.

I have really fallen behind on my goal of going to at least one or two yoga/pilates classes a week.  I am absolutely terrible about stretching after I run, and I guess I reason that going to a couple of flexibility-oriented classes a week should somewhat make up for it.  When I was good about going earlier this fall, I did actually notice an improvement in my flexibility.

But lately?  I haven’t been in like a month.  So today was pretty humbling. 

I guess that’s one good thing about the winter and less running outside….it gives me no excuse not to focus on the other things that I need to work on, like strength and flexibility!


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