These long distances…

…I just can’t escape ’em.  Lottery results for the 2010 NYC Half Marathon came out tonight and I got in!

I’m excited!  It’s nice to have something “big” to train for.  Even though I don’t think 13.1 is my favorite or best distance, I’m sure it will be a great race, and I won’t have to modify my training all that much….just throw in a few 10-12 milers between now and March 21.

Today’s EAT: My attempt at a “healthy” dinner: a Butternut Squash, Chicken and Black Bean Baked Thing.  Actually, I guess this might be my first-ever “cassarole.”   Which, honestly, is a word that I associate with 1950s housewives and church potlucks.  But, really?  It was delicious and healthy!  Will definitely make it again, and refine the “recipe” a bit next time!

Today’s DRINK: I was planning to stick to water and tea tonight, but in the course of cleaning up the kitchen while the purported “cassarole” was baking I came across a half-consumed bottle of red wine from before we left for the holidays (two weeks ago).  I took a little sip to determine whether it was even worth keeping for cooking and such, and you know what?  It tasted great.  So I had a glass with dinner.  So much for dry weeknights!

Today’s RUN:  Easy five miles, my usual Hudson River route.  Didn’t take a watch, just enjoyed having the place to myself (it was cold tonight) and taking in the crisp air and lovely views. 🙂


One response to “These long distances…

  1. Have I told you lately that you’re one of my heroes?! 😉
    Congrats on getting into the half marathon. Kick ass!

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