Plain old boring chicken?

Last week, I picked up a whole chicken from Trader Joe’s.  (Side note: LOVE Trader Joe’s.  It’s the only grocery store in Manhattan that doesn’t seem to be way more expensive than its suburban counterparts.  Definitely the cheapest place to pick up groceries in the city, if you can brave the 45-minute checkout line.)

Anyway.  I had a whole chicken to cook for dinner…and wanted to make it healthy.

My usual whole-roast-bird preparation involves a whole lot of butter (mmmmm….butter).  But, that is not healthy, and not in line with my non-resolution.  So I went looking on the internet for a some chicken cooking wisdom that didn’t involve sticks of butter or cups of olive oil.  I came up with this.  It seemed French, which is usually a good thing when it comes to cooking, so I decided to give it a shot.

Except rather than the 3-4 pound bird that the recipe suggested, mine was  a hefty 6-pounder.  Le poulet francais, American-style.

At first I was skeptical, as the recipe basically calls for pepper and coarse salt and that’s it.  As my bird was about to go into the oven, however, I gained some hope.  It had promise:

As you can see, I was not shy with the salt.  Not at all.  Perhaps to super-healthy-people I am trading one vice for another, but shush.  One step at a time for me, ok?

One hour and 20 minutes later, I had a beautiful looking bird.  I added a pinch of dried rosemary, basted a little of the juices over the top, let it sit under foil for quite a while – about 45 minutes* – then set it out to carve:

I have to say…for a recipe with zero added oil/fat, this chicken was AMAZING.  Juicy and so flavorful…I could not believe the only added ingredients were salt, pepper and a little rosemary.  Birdie was carved up and served with baby yams (which are adorable** – also from Trader Joe’s) and a salad.

A nice healthy dinner – number two this week.  I am on a roll!  And now we have enough chicken to last alllllll week.

*Confession: I am not actually patient enough to let my food sit for 45 minutes, although in the end I think it actually made the meat juicier!  We had a minor pilot light/carbon-monoxide-detector issue in the apartment here.  Everything is fine now, but I was a bit distracted trying to determine whether or not we were in fact going to drop dead from carbon monoxide poisoning.  It turns out, we were not.  Which was welcome news.

**The hubs insists that cuteness is not a criterion by which he assesses food.  I completely disagree.  With the exception of baby corn, which is super creepy, the baby version of anything is totally cute, and hence more appetizing than its “adult” version.

Today’s EAT: Chicken dinner aside, today’s lunch was also noteworthy.  The hubs was also working from home today (and completely cramping my style by hogging my couch space, I might add) so we ordered lunch in.  Sushi sounded good, and I insisted on ordering from Aja Sushi again, even though I just had it last Friday!  Their lunch specials are amazing though.  A three-roll combo and a sashimi platter for $11 each, and both came with miso soup and salad!  And it was more than enough food for the two of us.  Yum.

Today’s DRINK: We had a bottle of red open, so I had some with dinner. Purple Moon Merlot, from Trader Joe’s (of course), around $7 and pretty tasty.  I will say that it tasted better today than it did a couple of days ago when I first opened it…I guess it needs to breathe a bit.

Today’s RUN: Three cheers for milder weather and sunshine!  And for me having an awesome flexible work schedule which allows me to run during the day!

I did an easy 6 miles (~53:00) which was something of a recovery run, as my legs were pretty trashed from lifting yesterday (I did squats, deadlifts, lunges, ham curls and quad presses).  My hams were protesting vehemently the first couple of miles of the run.

It was so nice to run outside though.  There is something so great about being able to get out and get some sunshine on your face during the winter months, even if it’s just for an hour.  I am so lucky that  my schedule lets me do it.


One response to “Plain old boring chicken?

  1. I don’t know about cute, but nice looking bird! And am really glad the healthy cooking worked out, and hope you find more healthy recipes to try…there are lot’s!
    BTW, the vitamin D might be part of what makes you feel so good to be outdoors in winter. I encourage you to read up on the latest D research. If you do, you will want to take some extra if you aren’t already!
    Love, Dad

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