WTF NYC Moment of the Week

Walking down 3 St in the East Village, 2:30PM.

I hear loud music that can only be described as….porny.  Approach the source of this music – an instrumental, cheesy-1970’s-R&B type of music.

It’s coming from a first floor apartment.  The window is open, only the security bars cover the frame.  Inside sits a creepy looking man.  The music is ear-splitting – it’s obviously being broadcast to the neighborhood.  His chair is pulled right up to the windowsill and he’s leaning on it, watching the passerby.  And a table is pulled up next to him, window-height, displaying about a dozen half-consumed bottles of liquor – stacked in an artful pyramid.

Was he selling the booze?  Unlikely, given that most of the bottles were partially emptied.  Selling shots? – playing bartender to the afternoon pedestrian crowd?  Or just showing off his….collection?

So bizarre.  NYC never fails to amaze me.

Today’s EAT: I had grand leftover-healthy-chicken plans for the evening, but I got home late and the hubs implored me to fetch McDonald’s.  Sigh.  Although, while I would never attempt to argue that Mickey D’s is healthy, my dinner of a cheeseburger (300 calories) and small fries (230 calories) isn’t as terrible as it could be, at least not calorie-wise.

Today’s DRINK: Found a great new wine bar today – Vintry Wine and Whiskey on Stone St in the Financial District.  I met a friend from undergrad there to catch up – hadn’t seen her in years, and it was awesome!  The bar was fantastic too – a little pricy, but a great wine selection and cool theme (they literally serve only wine and whiskey).

Today’s RUN: A semi-intentional day off.  I’m still a little sore from lifting on Monday (still – ugh) and had a pretty packed schedule today, so I figured it would be OK if I didn’t make it out to run or to the gym.  Tomorrow will be a double-up day though, with yoga in the morning and either running or lifting in the afternoon.


One response to “WTF NYC Moment of the Week

  1. WTF NYC moment of the week made me laugh out loud. I miss living in Manhattan and these are the things that I miss. Only in NYC do you see such things.

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