Running gear rave – Lululemon Key Cuff

How has no one thought of this before?

A tube of stretchy fabric with a pocket that you can put on your arm.  Genius!  No more messing with those stupid little pockets in my shorts (too small) or the zipper pocket on the back of my tights (keys bouncing on my ass?  No thanks!).

I can actually get my keys, iPod nano, Metrocard and a little cash into this small stretchy wonder.  Everything is totally secure, and there is no bouncing.  Seriously, genius.  And only $8!

However, making it OUT of the Lulu store without a pair of those amazing $100 pants is always a challenge!

Today’s EAT: Chicken, chicken, and more leftover chicken!  Lunch was open-faced chicken salad sandwiches with a green salad.  Dinner was chicken in tomato sauce over whole-wheat pasta, with some green beans and bell peppers on the side.  The good news?  We have officially finished the chicken, so tomorrow’s meals will be more interesting!

Today’s DRINK: Relaxing with a glass of Lindeman’s Chardonnay after dinner.

Today’s RUN: I am really enjoying the “heat wave” here: temps in the upper 30s, clear skies, no wind…that’s about as good as anyone could ask for in January!  Today I celebrated by heading to the track on the East River for some repeats: 12 X 400M with one minute recovery bouncing between 1:35 and 1:40 pace (6:20 to 6:40 pace).  Adding the two miles each way there and back, it’s a 7-mile day…not too shabby!  One of the reasons I love running on that track is that it forces me to cool down properly.  I’m easily swayed into a “well I jogged for a couple of minutes, that’s good enough” type of warm down, so it’s helpful that I am forced to run the two miles home.


One response to “Running gear rave – Lululemon Key Cuff

  1. LOVE lulu – they are so smart.

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