Adventures in Queens

Living in Manhattan, your feet are your primary mode of transportation.  As a runner, I often kill two birds with one stone when I have an annoying errand to do by running the errand, literally, as my workout for the day.

And so yesterday, when I had a particularly annoying errand to do – a trip to our storage unit to retrieve a pair of crutches for the hubs and his mysteriously gimpy foot – I sucked it up and laced up my running shoes rather than wasting an hour on various subways or $25 on a cab.  Besides, it was a gorgeous day out – a great day for a 6-mile running adventure across the Queensboro Bridge and into Long Island City.

Heading crosstown and up 2nd Av was pretty uneventful.  I basked in the sun and chuckled at a handful of hardy East Village brunchers dining alfresco; 45 degrees in January is amazing, but I still think I’d be sitting inside!

After a bit of confusion over how to get on to the bridge, and a hop over a short fence, I crossed over the East River.  (And guess what – I could have even ridden the gondola, had I been so inclined!  Although I suppose that would have only taken me halfway across the river to Roosevelt Island.  I’m still confused by the gondola – is it a tourist thing, or do people who live on RI use it to commute?  So strange.)

Once I hit the streets of Long Island City in Queens I got all sorts of confuzzled.  Giant intersections with no pedestrian crossings.  Train tracks going every-which-way.  Streets with confusingly similar names (Queens Plaza versus Queens Blvd).  Um…Google Maps didn’t mention any of this!

Finally I ducked into a subway station to look at the map and figured out which way I needed to go.  Just as I got myself  headed in the correct direction, I looked over to see a dude popping a squat and…pooping?   Behind a car?  Really?!

Way to keep it classy, Queens.

Got to storage, snagged the crutches, and headed back out toward the 7 train.  I was hungry and anxious to get home, having wasted so much time getting lost and dodging covert crappers.  So I broke into a light jog for the half-mile trek to the subway station.

And then realized I must look like a total nutcase – running down the street carrying a pair of crutches.

So if you see me on pictureisunrelated….show me some compassion.  There was a guy crapping on the street, for the love of god.  I just wanted to get home.

Today’s EAT:  The hubs is out of town tonight*, and I was so very tempted to order delivery.  However, I was a good girl.  I scavenged in the freezer and managed to whip up a tasty little concoction: Sausage and Shallot Pasta with Browned Butter.

And yes, it was relatively healthy!  With whole wheat pasta and a pretty tiny amount of butter, given how I named it.  Looking forward to the leftovers tomorrow for lunch!

Today’s DRINK: It is actually really nice to have some alone time!  I’m relaxing with a glass of good red wine – E.B. Foote Northwest Duet:

Good red wine, football, and snuggling with my kitties.  A great Sunday, if you ask me!

Today’s RUN:  Continued my recent Sunday tradition of taking the day off running and going to a 90-minute yoga class instead.  Which was just as well, as it was raining and icky.  I actually don’t mind running in the rain, but it can be a little challenging in NYC – at least, in my neighborhood.  Dodging umbrellas while running is not fun.  Between that and the nasty puddles that form on the sidewalks – I mean, I see how many dogs pee and poo on them every day…

Not to mention the people who do.  HA.  Kidding….?

*Yes….he is traveling while on crutches.  His doctor told him to call the airport to request a wheelchair to get him on the plane – which I found quite amusing.  I am a terrible wife.


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