13 going on 30

It’s hard to lace up the ole running shoes and get out the door sometimes.  Especially recently, for me.  Since I work from home, I am frequently in my pajamas until an embarrassingly late hour of the afternoon.  As much as I know I should work out in the morning, when I get up…I don’t.  I almost always wait until the late afternoon.  And as the afternoon progresses, it becomes increasingly difficult to swap those PJ pants for running shorts.

However, I am also pretty easily bribed.  New shoes, a new shirt, a new route, new music….sometimes it’s just enough to get me off the couch, away from the computer, and out the door.

After my craptastic run on Monday, I was in definitely need of a little motivation.  So I decided to revamp iPod a bit and make a new running playlist – a mix of older songs I already had but hadn’t put on the workout rotation in a while, and some new songs.  I went on to iTunes, poked around, downloaded….and when I was done, I looked at my handiwork and came to a depressing conclusion:

I apparently have the musical taste of a teenager.

I mean, really?  I am almost 30 and downloading trashy singers who use “$ymbol$” in their name?  And Ludacris?  Shouldn’t he be in his 40s by now?

A bit cringe-worthy.  And to think that a couple of years ago, I had a certain amount of pride in my indie-heavy iPod.  Sigh.

But maybe it worked!  I had a fantastic run yesterday.  I went out and did my normal 5-mile route and felt great…and was shocked to see the time on my watch when I finished in 38 minutes and change!  I wasn’t even trying to run quick, and that’s quite a bit quicker than my normal pace.  Sometimes you just feel good, I guess!

Or maybe it was the Shakira.

Today’s EAT:  A great eating day all around.  I grabbed lunch out, at the Whole Foods sushi counter, after my shift at the rescue this morning.  A $10 salmon box with whole grain rice makes for a delicious and healthy lunch:

Mmmm….I could eat sushi every. Single. Day.

For dinner, I cooked up a Tri Tip Roast that I got from Trader Joe’s a while back.  The meat was just okay; I don’t cook steak or steak-like things all that often because it’s just not the same without a grill.  Oh, how I miss having a deck/yard and a grill.

I was, however, very pleased with how the Curried Yam Home Fries turned out (cubed yam tossed in olive oil with salt, garlic powder and curry powder and then baked until tender and golden – YUM).  And of course I served everything with a big salad with homemade vinegartte.

I’ve been doing so well with cooking at home lately, instead of going out or ordering in.  I’m quite proud of myself!

Today’s DRINK: Just sipping a nice red from the wine rack that we had open from yesterday….EB Foote Syrah.  A nice rich sipping wine for a weeknight when I just want to have one glass!

Today’s RUN: Lifting day today…upper body.  5 sets X 8-10 reps of bench, lat pull down, and shoulder press.  3 sets X 8-10 reps of lat raise, tricep press, bicep curl and low row.  Pushup ladder 10 down to 1 (made it through the 8 set with “real” pushups before I had to drop to my knees….)


One response to “13 going on 30

  1. I was actually going to ask you about your running playlist! It’s kinda funny how running can keep your music “younger.”

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