I admit, still pretty inept at many aspects of NYC life.  For instance, ordering groceries from FreshDirect.

Something about ordering meat and produce on the web is just weird to me.  Although everything I’ve ever gotten from there has been great, the process is challenging at times.

Like this week, when I unwittingly ended up with a giant tub of arugula.  Because, seriously?  I don’t know what 14.5 ounces of arugula looks like when I see it described on a website.  Be more specific please, FreshDirect.  Say something like, “enough arugula to feed a family of six for two weeks.”

So anyway…we’ve got some arugula to use up around these parts.  Especially since we’re going out of town this weekend.  I tried to do my part today at lunch, by whipping up a delicious sandwich with thinly sliced beef leftover from yesterday’s roast, sauteed onions, shaved parm, a little safflower mayo and lots and lots of arugula.  Served, of course, with a big arugula salad.

It’s a damn good thing I love arugula.

Today’s EAT: Taking a break from the roughage to meet up with some girlfriends at Sushi Samba tonight.  I was not kidding when I said I could eat sushi every day!

Today’s DRINK: I’m kind of hoping they have Kirin Light at this joint!  Alcohol is definitely the area that I struggle with most in terms of limiting my calorie intake.

Today’s RUN: An easy-peasy lunchtime run.  The sun was out and it felt so nice!   I didn’t do any specific route, just trotted leisurely around the many piers and paths of the Hudson River Park, burning time until I hit 35:00.  Probably did about 4 miles.  Everyone needs a nice easy jog once in a while.  And I definitely needed one today, being sore from lifting the last two days.


3 responses to “Arugu-lunch

  1. That looks awesome! I am uber jealous of your ability to order groceries over the internet. That would be a-mazing!

  2. Lunch sounds delish. I love arugula. 🙂

  3. FreshDirect sounds better than Peapod, but I’ve done the same thing when ordering groceries from them. At least you can laugh about it!!

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