Well, it’s only barely February and my fall marathon is set: I signed up this morning for Chicago on October 10!

With the exception of 2007 – which was just a crazy year with work, a wedding, and a complicated move – I’ve done a marathon every year since 2000.  So this will be #10,  and the third year in a row I’ve done one of the “big ones” (Marine Corps in 2008, NYC in 2009).

The “big ones” can be fun, but I’m not sure that I actually prefer them to smaller races – while both NYC and MCM were amazing in terms of the course, the crowd, and just the overall experience, there are huge logistical nightmares that come with a 50,000-person event.  (For instance, waiting in a two hour metro line in Arlington, VA.  Or arriving in Staten Island at 6 AM for a 10 AM race start.)

However, I’m pretty excited about Chicago.  It just seemed like the right race to do this year; I don’t actually know where I’ll be living in October, and Chicago is an easy city to travel to, and one where we have plenty of family that we can crash with.  So, yay Chicago!

And with that, I’m officially putting this marathon out of my mind until this summer. 🙂

Today’s EAT: It was sort of a raid-the-fridge dinner tonight, but ended up being tasty.  I chopped up onion and granny smith apple and browned them in a pan, then added a little white wine and some sliced Basil Pesto Chicken Sausage from TJ’s.  Cooked it until the sugars from the onion, apple and wine made all sorts of little tasty browned bits, then tossed it over whole wheat penne with a little freshly grated parm:

So delicious.  And totally in violation of my goal of having a veggie of some sort with every dinner.  But oh well…at least it was relatively healthy!

Today’s DRINK: Porcupine Ridge Sauvignon Blanc 2007 from South Africa:

Another discount rack wine purchase ($10 marked down to $6) and it’s just okay.  We are definitely due for a solid TJ’s Wine Shop stock-up around here.

Today’s RUN:  Um, I took the day off because it’s my half-birthday today?

Yeah.  That’s my story.  It has nothing at all to do with me being totally lazy and not getting out of my pajamas until 5 PM.

Sigh.  I’ll do better tomorrow.


3 responses to “Chicago!

  1. I am incredibly impressed by how many marathons you’ve done! Congrats on signing up for Chicago!

  2. First off, your dinner sounds amazing!!!

    And I totally believe in half birthdays – you should definitely take the day off!!! My half birthday is on Saturday – whoot whoot!!!

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