WTF NYC Moment of the Week

A dude in a chicken suit.  Sitting alone on a park bench on the Hudson River.  At noon.  Looking rather forlorn.

Poor sad chicken…I wonder WTF he was doing there?

Today’s EAT: We made this awesome korean-style short ribs recipe.  I say “we” because I transferred part of my nightly dinner duty (ah, the joy of being marginally employed) to the hubs so I could go to yoga class tonight.  And kind of regretted it when I was doing the dishes and remembered what a messy cook he is!  Haha.  No, I’m kidding, he did great.  It was delicious and I appreciated a night off of cooking.

Today’s DRINK: No boozin’ around these parts tonight.  I am, however, sipping a nice cup of Tazo herb tea.  Perfect for a snowy night!

Today’s RUN: ~10 miles, 1:27, uptown on the Hudson path to the mid-80s and back.  (That was where I saw the mystery chicken!)


2 responses to “WTF NYC Moment of the Week

  1. lol weird.

    My hubster is a messy cook too, but I’m grateful…I just have to keep repeating that to myself when I clean up. haha

  2. Koren short ribs are so yummy! I lived in Seoul back in 2003-04 and I miss having Korean bbq almost every night

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