Go away snow

Okay, okay…NYC is not going to get hit nearly as bad as southern NJ and DC.  So maybe I shouldn’t be complaining.

But, really?  It’s going to snow this weekend?  The only race I’m signed up for all month and I’m going to have to deal with snow?  Ugh.  Can I have my $20 back, please?

Kidding of course.  I know that’s part of the package when you sign up for a race in freakin’ February.  But really, we have had so many lovely 35-degrees-and-sunny-days this winter.  It’s been sub-20 on both of the days I’ve raced so far this winter, and this Sunday looks to be no better.  Ugh.

I guess it will be worth it on Sunday afternoon though, when I can swill SuperBowl beers and chomp on nachos with no guilt at all, citing my morning racing adventure.

Today’s EAT: In an effort to not be wasteful, I decided to try to use up the rest of the corn tortillas from yesterday’s taco dinner.  And I had a chicken breast in the freezer.  I present to you, Mini Chicken Pizzas with Caramelized Onions:

Absolutely delicious and definitely within the “healthy” rules, if you read the recipe!  They might be even a little better with wheat tortillas….I think next time I will try that!

Today’s DRINK:  Guenoc Chardonnay, a delightfully cheap (under $5) Trader Joe’s pick:

If you’re willing to shell out the extra $2, this is a step up from Two Buck Chuck.  Is it a great wine?  Of course not.  But I always pick up one or two really cheap bottles when I do a TJs wine run, because they tend to screen their wine pretty well; I’ve never had a bottle from TJs that was undrinkable.  I keep hoping to find that great $4 wine that’s worth buying a case of!  I haven’t found it yet – while this Guenoc is not bad, I wouldn’t buy it in bulk.  It’s pleasant enough for the price though!

Today’s RUN: An easy 4 miles in Central Park.  I had to go up there anyway to pick up my race chip for Sunday.  I also did an hour of yoga in the morning.  Two yoga days this week – go me!


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