Feline fixations

Do your pets become obsessed with random objects?  Mine do.  Sometimes I really wonder what goes on in those furry little heads of theirs!

Exhibit A: Parker and the Walrus.

***Warning: nerd alert ahead***

I have a stuffed walrus.  I sleep with him every night.  He is the perfect size and shape for hugging or using as a pillow.  My best girlfriends from high school got him for me when I was 14, as part of a running walrus joke we had going at the time.  For whatever reason, he moved with me through college, our apartment in LA, our house in Cleveland, our apartment in Boston and now, 15 years later, resides on the bed here in NYC.  His name is, fittingly, Mr. Walrus:

(Yes, he is missing a tusk.  Poor guy.)

Anyway, Parker is downright obsessed with Mr. Walrus.  Every day after breakfast, he hops up on the bed and gives Mr. Walrus a nice, long kneading session.  Then he snuggles in for a long nap on top of him.

I’m sure Mr. Walrus doesn’t mind being spooned all day, but really, it’s just weird!  Why is my cat obsessed with this stuffed animal?

Then again, maybe I should stop asking questions…because I suppose you could ask the same of me!

Exhibit B: Emmy and the Suitcase

I know many cats that like to poke around in bags and sleep on anything unusual that appears in their space.  But Emmy is downright smitten with the hubs’ suitcase.  Not his other suitcase, which is out pretty often too; not my suitcase, which is completely ignored; but this one specific suitcase.  If it’s sitting out, she’s settling down for a nap within seconds:

Along with a bed, it also serves as a scratching post.  How convenient!

You would think the fact that his expensive suitcase is covered in white cat hair and scratch marks would prompt the hubster to actually unpack, instead of just living out of his suitcase between trips.  Not so much.  They are weird creatures, men.

And cats are, too.

Today’s EAT: After a week of cooking (whew!) it’s time for a dinner out!  We’re trying a cute little French place here in the Village – Tartine.  NYC has so many cute little restaurants, it’s hard to know where to start sometimes when you’re picking a place to eat!  Tartine is BYO which is a huge plus – and definitely eases the pain on the check!

Today’s DRINK: Haven’t raided the wine rack yet for our dinner selection…but I’m sipping on a Magic Hat right now.  Hey, it’s five o’clock somewhere.  And that somewhere is here!

Today’s RUN: None – day off today!  I did an OnDemand pilates thingy though.  It was just okay.  I really am not a huge exercise-video person – most of them suck.  At least the ones that I’d be able to do in my tiny, 6th floor apartment.  I mean, I hear great things about p90X but I can promise you that if I tried doing plyometrics here, the fastest result I’d get is a complaint from my downstairs neighbor.

The yoga and pilates ones are generally okay, though.  Do you have one that you love? Please recommend it!


4 responses to “Feline fixations

  1. I don’t know HOW I didn’t know about/read your blog before. I am overwhelmed by how much I love your format! your eats, and wine daily!? Perfect, perfect, perfect.

    Added to google reader. 😀

  2. I don’t know if they’re still featured on OnDemand or not, but look for Jackie Warner’s workout videos. They’re intense!

  3. Just wanted to let you know I made it all the way back to the start of the blog. LOVE IT!
    As far as videos, I’m stuck on the original windsor pilates and so far am still getting the “burn” from it.

  4. Haha your cats are adorable. Cute walrus too. 🙂

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