Without a doubt, one of my favorite things about New York is the lack of chain restaurants.  Eating at small local places is so much more fun, and they dominate the restaurant scene here – rather than malls full of Cheesecake Factories and TGI Fridays.

However…sometimes you just get a hankering.  For example, you might be laying on the couch in your pajamas on a Saturday afternoon watching Legally Blonde.  Hypothetically.  And maybe you see a Pizza Hut commercial and then all of a sudden you must have a Pizza Hut Pan Pizza.  Now.

Thus commenced the search to find a Pizza Hut.  Or, failing that – because I pretty much knew it would fail – a reasonable deep-dish substitute.

Everyone knows that there is a great divide between proponents of New York style pizza (paper thin crusts) and Chicago style (deep dish).  People have very strong opinions about this. (My husband, for one.  He grew up outside of Chicago and has a deep affection for deep dish.  It wasn’t tough to get him on board with my pizza mission!)

Anyway.  You can definitely get NY-style pizza in Chicago, so I assumed that the reverse would be true as well.  I was wrong.  It is very strange…take the most random, obscure ethnic food you can think of and I bet you can get it delivered to your doorstep in under an hour here.  But good deep dish pizza?  Practically nonexistent.

After an hour of internet searching and scouring the message boards on Chowhound and Yelp (both of which have extensive discussions on the topic of NYC’s lack of Chicago-style pizza), we decided to try delivery from Bravo, whose deep dish got passable reviews.

It was okay.  But it was no Pizza Hut.

Today’s EAT: Aside from the pizza and a Skinny Cow ice cream bar, I haven’t eaten much today. I slept until an embarrassingly late hour of the afternoon.  You could say that pizza was brunch.  Pretty damn shameful.

Today’s DRINK: We had a bottle of Tres Pinos Tierra Blanca with the pizza:

Another cheapie (under $10) and it wasn’t bad.  A little bit sweet.  I’m not sure what the blend is, but it’s definitely sweeter than a Chardonnay and more full-bodied than a Sauvignon Blanc or a Pinot.   I’d definitely buy it again, especially in the summer.

Today’s RUN: Eh.  I’m running a race tomorrow, that’s enough for one weekend. 🙂


4 responses to “Un-Chained

  1. Wow, that is surprising! I never would have guessed that you couldn’t find deep dish there. 😀

  2. Hope your race went well in all that snow!

    I don’t remember Mr. Walrus too well…was I not paying attention, or did you just always keep him under the radar?

    I bet you could make a delicious, homemade, mostly healthy deep dish pizza yourself.

    Grandma has finally read your blog, and she really enjoys your writing and stories and photos!

    Love, Dad

  3. So, there must be some kind of interesting story behind the loss of tusk for Mr. Walrus?

  4. Unfortunately not! It just fell off – he’s an old man, Mr. Walrus.

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