Busy Sunday!

Cold-arse race this morning: survived.

It actually wasn’t  bad at all.  While it was pretty chilly, we had a bright blue sky, lots of sunshine, and clear dry roads.  I’m sort of getting used to cold races….they really aren’t that bad.  As long as you get a good warm-up in.  And don’t have huge expectations about your time.

Race Stats:
Race: NYRR Gridiron 4M
: February 7, 2010
Conditions: Cold (18F), clear and sunny
Time: 29:48
Mile Pace: 7:27
Overall place (all): 874 /5,237
Overall place (females): 120/2,463
Age group place (F 25-29): 43/627

After the race, I hurried home for a hot shower and a quick lunch before an afternoon committee meeting with for my rescue.  Then home to cook up some football goodies and in a bit, we’re off to a little SuperBowl gathering!

Go Saints!!

Today’s EAT: The hubs and I are making this Spicy Peanut Dip with some beef satay and these Balsamic Soy-Glazed Wings to bring to the par-tay.  (Actually, at this precise moment we are attempting to placate our overzealous smoke detector.  Apparently baking wings in a 500-degree oven is too much for our little apartment oven!)

Today’s DRINK: I picked up some Magic Hat Hefeweizen for our SuperBowl sipping.  I am excited to try it!

Today’s RUN: With warm up and cool down, I probably got 6-7 miles in today.


2 responses to “Busy Sunday!

  1. You freakin’ rock! Congrats.
    WOOT Yay Saints!

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