The perfect dinner?

Easy? Check.

Cheap? Check.

Healthy? Check.

Delicious? Check check check!

After having a fantastic Moules Mariniere for dinner at Tartine on Saturday night, I decided I needed a little more mussel in my culinary repertoire.

Mussels are kind of new to me, though, and I was too chicken to go for an all-mussel dish on my first try.  So I found this Cioppino recipe – perfect!  If the mussels got screwed up somehow, it’s still a hearty enough stew to enjoy without them.

As it turns out?  Mussels are ridiculously easy to cook.  Also cheap: $3/lb at my favorite fish market, The Lobster Place.  And healthy too!

In fact, this whole stew was absurdly easy and inexpensive and low-calorie, and will definitely become a weeknight staple around here!

Mussels.  I may have found the perfect food!

Today’s EAT: This Cioppino, modified as follows.

– I scaled the thing way the hell down.  13 servings?!  I can’t even imagine the monster pot you’d have to have to make this entire recipe.  I scaled it down to 3 and that was perfect for two of us.

– Left out the parsley, as the hubs has an irrational hatred of it.  (Also of cilantro.  He is weird.)

– Left out the scallops and clams.  (Fish market didn’t have any small scallops and I am not the biggest clam fan.)

– Used fresh roma tomatoes and stewed them myself instead of canned.  (Canned tomatoes have so much salt!)

– Used homemade lobster stock that I had in the freezer from that time we made lobster rather than chicken stock.

– Also I seasoned the heck out of it with substantially more of the dried herbs than called for.  Because I like flavor.

The whole thing took less than an hour to make from start to finish and cost about $10 in ingredients, including the adorable mini-baguettes from Amy’s Bread.  (Because while I have tried to avoid white flour in my healthy dinners, this sort of stew just begs for a crusty piece of baguette.)

Very happy with how this one turned out!

Today’s DRINK: I opened a bottle of two bucko chucko for the stew, so naturally I am sipping on a glass after dinner.  I wouldn’t want to be wasteful!

Today’s RUN: Easy five miles on my usual downtown Hudson river route.  44:00.  The wind was bone-chilling.  I cannot wait until this “storm” business passes – 40 degrees would be amazing right now!


2 responses to “The perfect dinner?

  1. Yummy! I love mussels. Mmm Mmm. Now I’m craving them..thanks. 🙂

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