Chicken. Yawn.

I am desperately in need of some good recipes to turn chicken breasts into something tasty.

Grocery delivery day was today and I made the mistake of ordering the “family pack” of chicken breasts.  We now have a dozen huge chicken breasts in our fridge!

And I’ve gotta admit – while chicken breasts are very versatile, healthy, and inexpensive, they are not my favorite thing to cook with.  Honestly, in my mind they’re a candidate for the World’s Most Boring Food.  I usually just slice them up and put them over pasta with a sauce of some sort, or make homemade baked chicken nuggets.

Tonight’s dinner wasn’t bad though – I managed to dress them up into a tasty sandwich!  But I’m out of ideas now.  So if you have a good chicken breast recipe, send it on over, please!

Today’s EAT: Along with, like, seventeen pounds of chicken, I had an avocado to use up, so I figured this was a decent sandwich opportunity.  Lately, I’ve been making my sandwiches open-faced.  Having one slice of bread instead of two leaves much more room for condiments and toppings, rather than filling up on bread!

Plus, they are much more attractive!

Open-Faced Chicken Sandwiches with Avocado and Onion Rings.  I served it with some baked sweet potato fries.  Mmmm, I love sweet potatoes!

Today’s DRINK: I am still workin’ on yesterday’s bottle of two buck chuck!  Now that the hubs has (mostly) sworn off of drinking on weeknights, we go through wine a little more slowly.  I, however, have no intention of making such sacrifices.  I really enjoy a glass or two of wine in the evening, and I work out pretty hard most days, so I figure I’ve earned it.

Today’s RUN: Treadmill intervals.  It was a good workout, but I am actually kind of pissed about it.  I planned a treadmill run today because, according to every news outlet here, the miniature version of DC’s Snomageddon is supposed to hit here at any moment.  However…it was 45 degrees and calm out this evening.  Maybe it’s, literally, the calm before the storm?  I don’t know, but it would have been a damn fine night for a run outside.  Unfortunately, by the time I realized this I was already out the door with my gym bag packed.  Oh well.

Anyway.  It was a good workout!  8 X 800M at 6:58 – 7:08 pace with about a minute and a half recovery.  Plus a warm up and cool down for about 7 miles total.  Which is, literally, just about the max I can do on a treadmill without wanting to fling myself out the window.


4 responses to “Chicken. Yawn.

  1. I always hate chicken breast because they are so huge.
    Dan has some delicious ways he cooks chicken breast where he starts by pounding it really thin (best way for me to eat the thing). 🙂 I’ll have him type a few out for you and send them to you.

  2. That would be awesome, Christy! Thanks!

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