I’ll take bronze, silver and gold

Forbes published a list of America’s Worst Winter Weather Cities this week.  The top three cities to win this dubious distinction:

1) Cleveland

2) Boston

3) New York City

Well that’s just awesome.  These are the three cities in which I’ve spent the last seven years living.  Let’s just call it a sweep!

Honestly, Cleveland and Boston I definitely get.  My experience is limited so far with NYC, but I haven’t found the weather to be that bad.  Certainly no worse than Minneapolis, which came in at #6.  Or somewhere like Buffalo, which apparently didn’t make the list at all.

So, Cleveland in the top spot.  Um…congratulations, Cleveland?  I lived there for almost 5 years and I’ve gotta say that winters were pretty brutal.  Maybe that’s why I am rolling my eyes at how the New Yorkers are all freaking out about the snowstorm that’s blowing through tonight.  Big deal.  When your baseball home opener gets canceled because of two feet of lake effect snow – in April – then you can complain.

And Boston?  I concur.  The icy winds, the giant mounds of snow that lingered on street corners until spring had long since sprung…yuck.  Somehow it seemed so much colder in Boston than NYC, even through geographically they’re not so far apart.

While the inclusion of New York in the third spot is somewhat baffling, I can appreciate how a big snow might handicap city life and create problems that more suburban locales don’t have to deal with.

At the same time, I kind of think snow is fun in NYC.  On the first night it snowed here, it was a Saturday night and the hubs and I ventured out for a cozy little dinner at one of the little pubs on our block – pubs that, on your average weekend night, are filled with screaming 22-year-olds.  (We happen to live on one of the big bar-crawl streets in Manhattan.  I know.  Fitting, right?)

But on that snowy night, it was beautiful and quaint, as neighborhood locals ventured out into the unplowed streets and filled the bars, settling in for good conversation over hot toddies.  Gone were the ever-present honking taxis, the bachelorette parties, the college kids clustered on the sidewalk.  It was magical.

Anyway.  The Forbes list definitely resonates with me, and I’ll take pride in my apparently thick skin for having battled seven winters in the harshest of the harsh climates.

And although I don’t love winter (does anyone?), it doesn’t tell the whole weather story.  I’d like to see a Forbes list that compared weather, period.  While we have lots of snow in the Northeast/Great Lakes, at least we don’t have to deal with hurricanes (looking at you, Florida), wildfires and mudslides (ahem, California) or incessant clouds (giving the side eye to my beloved hometown in Washington state).

Today’s EAT: The pasta-with-a-protein concept is a weekly staple around here.  Not the most exotic or exciting dish, but always tasty and very easy to prepare.  Tonight’s version was sundried-tomato chicken sausage with onions, garlic and tomatoes over whole wheat spaghetti:

With a big salad, of course.  Very filling!

Today’s DRINK: I opened this Laboure-Roi Chardonnay in order to put a splash in with my sauteing onions, and we finished the bottle with dinner.  It was pretty meh.  While it was only $10, there are so many better inexpensive wines out there.

Today’s RUN: Due to the sideways-falling snow, I never made it out today.  Not even to the gym – it didn’t seem worth getting my feet wet!  I did do a 25-minute Pilates workout and a 45-minute yoga workout from the OnDemand selection, though!

I hope this crap melts soon.


2 responses to “I’ll take bronze, silver and gold

  1. Hi Shelby,
    Your dad told me about your blog awhile ago and I’ve been following it ever since. You are a fabulous writer! If I were a publisher I would give you a contract in a second.
    🙂 Molly

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