Poor girl pedicure

Who cares about pretty toenails in the middle of winter? I do – especially when yoga class subjects me to close contact with my feet on a regular basis. Not to mention the embarrassment of being that girl in class with the chipped snaggle-toe-nails. Gross.

As my fellow runners will perhaps appreciate, keeping your feet from looking heinous while training for a long race can be quite a challenge. In the past, I’d simply see a professional for such a task. I mean, healthy feet are important! (And so is catching up on US Weekly while my feet simmer in a bubbly spa bath.)

But alas. My disposable income, these days, is not what it once was. And the biweekly pedicure unfortunately did not survive the cruel chopping block of the monthly budget. Woe is me!

So caring for my tough little toes has fallen into my own less-than-capable hands in the last few months. I’m not the most crafty person, and painting a nail the size of a kernel of corn is no easy task! However, I’ve gotten pretty decent at it, and even come to enjoy the DIY pedicure as a nice little relaxing ritual. With a glass of wine, of course!

Not a bad way to end the week on a Friday afternoon!  And I think the final product turned out pretty well.  (Sorry for the foot pictures…I realize that’s kind of gross to some people!)

I am obsessed with this color – Ocean Love by OPI for Sephora.  The hubs thinks it’s weird – “Why are your toenails green?” – but it makes me think of beaches and summertime…which is a nice daydream right now.

Today’s EAT: I made marinated flank steak with onions, brown rice and sesame-coated sugar snap peas.

I dumped a whole bunch of red pepper flakes into the marinade, and the meat came out pleasantly spicy.  Yum!

Today’s DRINK: Trentatre Ross0 2007, an Italian blend (mostly Cab and Merlot).  From – where else? – Trader Joe’s and very reasonable (I think it was around $10).  I’d definitely buy this wine again – it is delicious!

Today’s RUN: No running – just an hourlong yoga class this morning.  The sidewalks are still pretty nasty here.  Boo.  And after running on the treadmill yesterday AND the day before, I needed a break.  Hoping that things clear up over the weekend so I can get my long run in!


3 responses to “Poor girl pedicure

  1. ooohhh, I love that color! My foot look AWFUL!! Maybe I should give myself the pedi. Because, like you, I can’t just run to the nearest “foot doctor” whenever I want.

    Think I will treat myself to a new polish when i am out shopping today.

  2. Looks good. I like the color too.
    I rarely get to enjoy a mani/pedi now so DIY is the only way to go. I hate polishing my toenails (it gets everywhere) and I rarely paint my fingernails.
    Din Din looked yummy!

  3. Hello, great blog, added to my bookmarks!

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