Butter coma

I’m a pretty un-sentimental person, so it’s not surprising that Valentine’s Day is kind of a meh holiday for me.   Heart-shaped pendants and cheesy chocolates?  Meh.

But I will use pretty much any holiday as an excuse to eat and drink recklessly.  And V-Day is no exception!

Without further ado…

Today’s EAT:  Lobster dinner!   The hubs’ dad and his wife very generously got us a Lobster Gram for Christmas, and we decided this would be a perfect opportunity to enjoy it!  So on Friday afternoon, two huge lobster tails packed in dry ice arrived at our door.  I’d been drooling over them, as they sat in our refrigerator, all weekend.  The hubs broiled them up with some clarified butter and they were delicious:

Seriously, a lobster tail the size of my head.  And I think I ingested about a cup of melted butter.  Hence, the butter coma.  It’s 10:30 PM and all I can do is lay on the couch, sipping my wine, in agony.  Beautiful, butter agony.

I hope we can rally in time to enjoy these puppies, though:

I was in charge of dessert tonight, and although I love cooking and baking, sometimes you’ve just gotta outsource.  I’ve been hearing good things about Crumbs Bakery for months now.  It is supposedly the “new Magnolia.”  (You know…that place with the cupcakes that was on Sex and the City.)

Anyway, it seemed like tonight would be a great time to try it!  So I picked up an Oreo Cupcake and a Peanut Butter Cup-cake today.  Somehow I think we’ll manage to make room for them once the butter digests a bit!

Today’s DRINK: Oh yeah…it’s getting crazy around here, people.  It’s a two-bottle-of-wine night.  Party!!!

First off: pink wine for a pink holiday!  I actually love rose wines on occasion.  Their reputation has been unfairly tainted by the likes of White Zin.  This Josefina Syrah Rose, for example, was delicious and very enjoyable as a not-too-heavy, pre-dinner wine.  Of course, like most of our wines, it was a Trader Joe’s cheapie.

Then dinner, and on to a Chardonnay to match the buttery vibe of the meal.  Trellis Chardonnay:

Which, honestly, is just okay.  I buy way too many cheap white wines from Trader Joe’s…and for the price (<$10) there are better wines out there.

Today’s RUN: So here is where I totally try to justify tonight’s buttery extravaganza.  I did 12 miles today, Central Park loop times two.  My next long race (half marathon on March 21) is still five weeks away, but with an upcoming ski trip, I wanted to get a long run in early.   In any event, it was a fantastic run!  The weather was gorgeous today (40 and sunny) and I completed the two loops in 1:41.


2 responses to “Butter coma

  1. That peanut butter cupcake looks HEAVENLY!!!

  2. Everything looks delish! Mmmm lobster & butter & cupcakes. Can’t go wrong with those. 😀

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