Steak, baby

I would like to report that we had a nice, sensible, healthy dinner tonight to compensate for Butterfest 2010 last night.

I would like to.  However…I cannot.

Instead, we had a decadent Filet Mignon dinner.  The reasons for this are as follows:

(1) The hubs bought way too much food for last night’s dinner – somehow he thought we’d eat a pound of steak along with our massive lobster tails.  (It’s pretty amusing, actually.  He is notoriously bad when he goes to the grocery store and always comes home with ridiculous amounts of expensive and extravagant food.)

(2) The hubs had been wanting to try this steak recipe that he saw on TV a few weeks ago.  It involves basically pan-searing the steak and then frying it in butter.  Totally part of a healthy lifestyle, right?

(3) The hubs insisted that it’s still technically the weekend.  Because he had the day off work today, you know.  So no need to eat all healthy like it’s a normal Monday night.

You may notice a theme among these reasons.  *cough, hubs, cough*

Anyway….I am absolutely not complaining because it was an amazing dinner.  Like, close-your-eyes-while-chewing amazing.  I take back everything I ever said about not being able to cook a great steak without an outdoor grill.

Perfection from a pan.  Who knew it was possible?

Today’s EAT: The steak.  The hubs insists that he doesn’t have a recipe that I can link to this, but the basic idea is to sear the steaks in a hot pan, then reduce the heat, melt some butter (ok, a lot of butter) in the pan and baste the steaks constantly in the butter until they are cooked to desired temperature.  Throw some fresh rosemary in there, too.  The butters gets all browned and delicious.  Yum.

I like my steak rare.  So the cooking process wasn’t a long one!  There are very few things that make my mouth literally water – but one of them is a perfectly cooked filet.

Drool.  You can see the browned butter there too.  Delish.  Because the meat preparation was so decadent, we didn’t really do any sides – just some grilled onions and roasted garlic.

Tomorrow it’s back to clean livin’ and healthy eating.  I promise!

Today’s DRINK: It’s really not possible to enjoy a good steak without a good red wine.  So it was a no-brainer to open this EB Foote 2005 Merlot:

Today’s RUN: An easy 4 miles (34:00).  I was going to take the day off of running, but we’re supposed to get snow again tonight and I wanted to get an outdoor run in before being relegated to the treadmill for days.

I also did a 45-min On-Demand yoga thingy this morning, and dragged the hubs off the couch to do it with me.  Mostly because him sitting there watching me do yoga seemed like it might provide some fun-poking fodder for him, and that’s not fair!  It was his first time doing yoga and he did well!


2 responses to “Steak, baby

  1. I am drooling all the way from the west coast! amazing!

  2. Yum! Indoor steak is the best. 🙂

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