Shiny and new!

Some people say that buying new things won’t bring you happiness.  To those people I say: phooey.  Buying new things always makes me excited and happy!

Even if it’s something small and trivial, like a meat tenderizer:

I can’t believe I have never owned a meat tenderizer.  When Christy pointed out in my chicken post last week how helpful they are for cooking chicken, I decided that I needed to own one if I was going to get through my freezer full of blah chicken breasts.  So today, in anticipation of making chicken parm tonight, I picked one up at Whole Foods.

One large chicken breast, tenderly tenderized with my new kitchen toy:

It’s also very helpful for making cracker crumbs!

And did I mention how fun it is to beat the crap out of your food before you cook it?  It is very fun.  Note to self: tenderize meat at the end of a stressful day!

Today’ EAT: A slightly modified version of this Baked Garlic Chicken Parmesan recipe – thanks to Janine for pointing me to it!  I made a homemade tomato sauce for the top and served it over a tiny bit of whole wheat penne with a big salad:

The hubs and I agreed that it was a delicious and filling meal – not to mention healthy and very inexpensive to make.

Today’s DRINK: Exciting news today!  We have a full wine rack!!

Thanks, mom and J for shipping our Christmas wine!  This is a great Christmas present that we’ll enjoy for a while.  A couple of weeks at least!  Haha.

I needed just a splash of red for my tomato sauce, so I popped a bottle open and had a glass with dinner, too:

Today’s RUN: I never made it out today.  Not to the gym, not running, nothing!  I didn’t even shower today – ew.

It’s okay though, I worked my legs and back pretty hard yesterday and I’m sore today.  My body kind of just felt like it needed a rest day today.


3 responses to “Shiny and new!

  1. Yay! I was going to ask if you had one of those tools. 🙂 I swear I’m going to get you that recipe for the sauce to put on the chicken soon. Dan’s been busy. 🙂

  2. a meat tenderizer is definitely on my shopping list. we currently use a mallet!

  3. I adore beating my meat to a pulp after a stressful day 🙂
    another tip I have found with making bread crumbs – do it in a plastic baggy and it makes it super easy to contain all the crumbs for easy pouring.
    and glad the recipe helped you out!

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