New playlist time

Longer training means it’s time for a longer playlist!  Besides, I like to mix it up every month or so.  I usually buy a few new songs and then mix in some older songs that I haven’t had on rotation lately.  Here’s my February list:

Just long enough to get me through my longest training runs!  And slightly less embarrassing than last month’s list.

If you’re a runner and/or an iPod junkie….where do you find music?  I swear I spent an hour scouring every nook and cranny of iTunes – iMixes, celebrity lists, the “Essentials” lists – trying to find fresh and fun workout songs.  There must be a better way!

Today’s EAT: Can I just tell you what I good girl I was tonight?  I was such a good girl. *pats self on back*

The hubs had a meeting tonight so I was on my own for dinner and I was so very tempted to order something in or – gasp! – pick up some fast food.  (Yeah…I am definitely not one of those healthy eaters who genuinely dislikes fast food.  I could eat McDinner on a fairly regular basis and be perfectly happy about it.)

But! But I didn’t.  I made myself a healthy dinner at home instead.  Cooking for one is no fun, but I don’t need to use that as an excuse to eat crap.

It wasn’t the most exciting dinner – I kept it simple within my usual “Protein over Pasta” framework and cooked up some chicken-apple sausage in a little bit of browned butter.  Add whole wheat penne, salad, and some parm and it was a tasty little meal!

(Although it was no Five Guys burger.  Grumbles.)

Today’s DRINK: Still working on last night’s bottle of Merlot.  I am totally snuggling with my cats on the couch and drinking wine.  Perfect activity for my solo evening!

Today’s RUN: Treadmill intervals: 1 mile warm up, 4 X 1200 M in 5:05-5:10 (approx 6:50 MPM, 8.6-9.0 MPH), 1 mile cool down.  I added a mini upper-body workout afterward: bench, lat pull-down, assisted dip, shoulder press, lat raise and a push up ladder.  (Small milestone: I made it all the way down on the push-up ladder without having to drop in to “girl” push-ups!  This time last year that was no biggie, but haven’t been able to make it past the 6 or 7 set lately.  So, yay for that!)


5 responses to “New playlist time

  1. Ooh, a red wine, nice! That dinner actually looks freaking delicious. SHARE!

  2. hey! I just found your blog and it’s fun. I like to drink and run too (I know. omg amazing). But I just found a bunch of new music on the All Songs Considered blog for NPR. It’s not stodgy and makes me feel semi-hip.

  3. I usually use i-tunes but we moved our office into another room and I started going through old cd’s from high school and found some songs I def need to add because they give me that “remember” energy.

  4. i usually use itunes as well. do you ever use pandora or grooveshark? as far as i know, you can’t download from them, but the songs that they play for you may give you ideas.

    good luck today!

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