Deja Vu

NYRR Gridiron 4M on 2/7/10 – 29:48

NYRR Run for Haiti 4M this morning – 29:46

It’s too bad they don’t give out awards for consistency.  I’d be on the podium for sure!

Overall it was a fun race, and I am supremely impressed that NYRR was able to put this charity event and race together in just two weeks.  10,000 runners – wow!  And while I was slightly annoyed at the lack of start corrals, it really wasn’t so bad.  Although I was amused by the dorky-dad-looking guy in transition lenses, Perry Ellis jacket and walking boots that lined up in the 7:00-min-mile group.  Right, dude.

I started off the race pretty stiff from standing around during the rather long pre-race announcements, and on the slow side due to the crowds too – mile 1 was around 8:00.  Once things thinned out though, I settled into a pleasant 7:15 pace and cruised the rest of the course.  The weather was gorgeous – seriously, it feels like spring today!  It was so nice to not have to worry about bundling up for this one.  It is possible that the end of winter is in sight?!

Race Stats:
Race: NYRR Run for Haiti 4M
: February 20, 2010
Conditions: Cool (35*) and sunny with a little breeze
Time: 29:46
Mile Pace: 7:26
Overall place (all): 847 / 9,421
Overall place (females): 99 / 5,212
Age group place (F 25-29): 32 / 1,629

Today’s EAT: Breakfast edition!  My awesome hubster made some decadent breakfast sandwiches while I cleaned up after the race.  Caramelized onion, egg, and laughing cow cheese on a toasted bagel – yum!

There’s half leftover, if anyone’s interested. 🙂  It was a huge sandwich!!

Today’s DRINK: I treated myself to a hot tea at Starbucks before hopping on the subway home.  To early in the day for a hot toddy?  Hmmm….

Today’s RUN: With warm up and cool down, about 7 miles.  Total miles for this week: 20.

5 responses to “Deja Vu

  1. Awesome race! I had a great time out there today. I agree the lack of corrals was a bit annoying, but overall the NYRR did a really good job. Congrats on your consistency! 🙂

  2. Great race! 35* would not feel like spring to me, but i’m in FL! Glad the weather was good for you!

  3. Nice race! And the weather has been incredible, it’s true. Made me wish I were also racing this weekend.

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