Wide open spaces

This west coast girl has lived on Eastern Standard Time for seven years now, but I’ve gotta admit – every time I head westward, I think to myself, I’ve gotta get back here.

Skiing in Park City was just awesome.  I’m very lucky to have generous in-laws who take us on an annual ski trip – Colorado, Montana, Utah, etc.  As a teenager, I skied plenty on the local mountains near Seattle, but it wasn’t until the last few years that I’ve been fortunate enough to experience real destination skiing!  Honestly, nothing beats a great ski vacation. And nothing is more breathtaking than being surrounded by snow-capped peaks under a massive blue sky.  Talk up Caribbean beaches all you want, but I think the mountains are a hundred times more beautiful.  Not to mention more fun!

But now it’s back to reality.  Le sigh. I need to live in the mountains.  Someday….

Today’s EAT: Let’s not discuss the Quarter Pounder with Cheese that I inhaled during my very short layover at Midway.  Okay?  Okay.

On to dinner then.  I probably should have just opened a can of soup or something, but I had a hankering for some raw fish, so I ordered some delivery sushi from Soho Sushi.  It wasn’t the best sushi I’ve ever had, but it was pretty inexpensive and satiated my sushi craving.

Unagi, yellowtail, salmon, white tuna, and a spicy yellowtail scallion roll.  And a side of miso soup.

Have I mentioned how much I love the food delivery aspect of NYC life?  Any kind of food I want – I can click a few clicks on SeamlessWeb and it’s at my door in 20 minutes.  Love.  This is totally spoiling me for living in any other city in the future.

Today’s DRINK:  Sushi dinner is incomplete without a cold light beer.  Does this totally bring back memories of college for anyone else?

Or senior year of college anyway, when we’d upgraded from cans of Nattie Light.  Super classy!  I’m not sure why we had a random bottle of Rolling Rock in our fridge – maybe the hubs picked it up a while back? – but it was tasty and a good compliment to my sushi dinner!

Today’s RUN: I was going to run when I got home tonight, but after a full day of traveling and lugging all of my ski equipment up five flights of stairs, I decided that was workout enough for the day.

I really haven’t run much in the last week, as I’ve been busy skiing (duh).  I did go running a couple of times in Park City though – just easy after-ski stuff.  I skied every day I was there, and pretty hard a couple of days, so any sort of real running was out of the question.

Time to get back into a normal training routine this week!  Do I really have to race a half marathon in three weeks?  Eeks.


4 responses to “Wide open spaces

  1. I love seamless web! I remember a few years ago, thinking how great menupages would be if you could just click on the restaurant and order online from there. Then seamless was created!

    Glad you had a great vacation 🙂

  2. I LOVED seemless web. I miss it so much!!!

  3. I’m a die-hard East Coaster, but every time I see REAL mountains out west, I start scheming to move out.
    And I wish we drank stuff as good as light Rolling Rock in college. Ha! Flashing back to foggy memories of Natty Light and Long Island ice teas poured out of a Rubbermaid bucket…

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