Gym class success?

Long long ago* in a place far far away**, I was mildly obsessed with this thing called Boot Camp.

It was offered at the gym across the street from my former office three times a week at lunchtime.  My co-workers and I would go as often as we could.  Push-ups, jumping jacks, arm circles, mountain climbers, squats, lunges, burpees….if you hated it in your middle school PE class, it was part of this boot camp, in rapid succession.

To say it was hard is a serious understatement.  I was, on multiple occasions, more sore from that damn boot camp than I’ve ever been from running a marathon.  Or any other race for that matter.

Man oh man, it was a great workout.  Probably the best short workout I’ve ever done.  Intense.  We used to drag unsuspecting members of the office along on guest passes to watch them nearly puke when they tried the class.  Seriously.

Since I moved to NYC, I’ve been sorely missing this workout.  I enjoy some of the classes at my gym here, but none if them are nearly as efficient and intense as that boot camp in Cleveland.  However, there was one class I hadn’t tried until tonight: the awkwardly-named Will Power and Grace.

To be clear: it was no boot camp.  Nothing ever will be, I am afraid.  But it was a great workout and captured some of the intensity and efficiency that I loved so much in my boot camp!  There were burpees involved!  And arm circles!  And lots and lots of squats!  Hooray!

Advertised as a fusion of cardio, yoga and dance, the thing that I liked best about this workout is that there was no downtime.  Every second was spent working hard.  Fantastic.  If you have this class at your gym, I’d highly recommend giving it a shot!

I suppose the real test will be whether I am sore tomorrow.  I’m hopeful.  Although nothing will compare to those Saturdays when I literally couldn’t walk after Friday boot camp.  Ahhh – the glory days.

*Last year

**Cleveland, OH

Today’s EAT: The hubs returned from his trip tonight, so I made one of his favorites – korean-style beef short ribs.  Lazy me – I picked up pre-marinated meat from Trader Joe’s!

I usually prefer to buy unseasoned meats and make my own homemade marinade.  I am a nerd like that.  But TJ’s didn’t have any plain short ribs today, so I went for the prefab.  They were tasty!  And there’s nothing wrong with letting someone else do some of the work from time to time.

Normally I serve this style of meat with plain rice.  I decided to mix it up tonight by creating a Spicy Ginger Fried Rice – yum.  It was easy and delicious!  Recipe here.

Paired together: a very tasty dinner.  Short ribs aren’t the leanest meat out there, but they sure are tasty.  And because they’re so rich, I only need a small amount to satisfy me.  Yum.

(Ok, it doesn’t look like such a small amount!  But they’re sliced really thin, I swear!)

Today’s DRINK: Hubs and I are enjoying an EB Foote Merlot – the same one that I blogged about a couple of weeks ago.  (Not the same specific bottle…just the same type.)

Today’s RUN: In addition to the class I raved about earlier, I also did a short upper-body workout today:

3 sets X 10 reps of the following:

  • Bench (70 lb bar)
  • Lat pull down (65 lbs)
  • Shoulder press (15 lb dumbbells)
  • Low row (60 lbs)
  • Assisted dip (36 lbs of assist)
  • Upright row (40 lb bar)

Long run time tomorrow.  I need to get in at least 11-12!  I hope it’s not sleeting like it was today!


7 responses to “Gym class success?

  1. Yum! Looks delish.
    Sorry you no longer have Boot Camp. Have you done the 30 Day Shred? That one kicks my ass every time. lol

    • I haven’t tried them but I’ve heard great things! I’m not sure if I have enough room in my apartment to do them though…is there a lot of jumping around?

  2. That IS an awkward name, but it sounds like a good workout. I’ve always been a little confuddled by the trademarked exercise classes – Bodypump, Spinning, etc. Like, lifting weights and doing jumping jacks needs an (R)? Also, I would keel over in happiness if I could bench 70 pounds.

  3. First of all, that dish literally made my stomach growl at my desk.

    Question – do you do a 10-11 long run on weekdays? How do you fit that in around work/other commitments?

    • I do them on weekdays because, umm… I don’t have a real job. 🙂 I freelance and my schedule is totally flexible. Back when I worked a normal job it would have been tough to get 10+ in on a weekday. So I guess I am lucky these days? I do miss the paycheck though! 🙂

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