Feline Friday

Some superfluous cuteness, from my Friday afternoon to yours.

I came home from my afternoon run to find this:

“What’s that you say?  This isn’t a cat bed?  A cat bed just for me?”

“Well.  I must say I disagree.”

(Embarrassingly, that is my suitcase from Park City that Emmy is lounging in.  I still haven’t fully unpacked.)

Not to be outdone in the cuteness department, Parker the Panther was looking regal on the bed, snuggled up with Mr. Walrus as usual:

Today has been kind of a craptastic day.  I’m so glad I have my kitties on days like this!

2 responses to “Feline Friday

  1. haha Emmy is so cute! And holy crap Parker does kinda look like a tiny Panther. 🙂
    Sorry you’re having a craptastic day. 😦 Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Sorry you’re not having a good day 😦

    At least your kitties are super adorable!

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