It’s THAT DAY of the year

You know…that first day when winter seems to let up just a little bit and it almost feels like spring!

When restaurants put their patio tables out on the sidewalk and it actually seems like a reasonable idea.

When everyone and their mother is outside in tee-shirts, ignoring their goosebumps and enjoying the sun and remarking on how wonderful it feels out even though it’s still only 50 degrees.

When those giant piles of snow – a strange juxtaposition to the sun-drenched blue sky – accelerate their melting, shrinking slowly into streams of runoff.

I could go on and on.  This is one of my favorite days of the year!  I recall a few years ago on THAT DAY of the year, after a particularly harsh Cleveland winter, I actually bought myself an ice cream bar and sat outside, coatless, shivering in the sun while I ate it.

THAT DAY is always a bit of a tease, though.  Spring isn’t here yet.  Plenty of rain and sleet and probably even snow stand between today’s sunny respite and the permanent arrival of nice weather.

I’ll take whatever sunshine I can get though!  And on a Saturday, too!  It’s been a wonderful day so far.

Today’s EAT:  After a leisurely wakeup, I pulled out one of my favorite kitchen toys that I hadn’t played with in forever:

My waffle iron!   I just *happened* to have picked up some all-purpose whole-grain baking mix from TJ’s last week.  And some maple syrup.  Nope, I haven’t been craving waffles and waiting for the weekend!  Not at all!

The hubs and I enjoyed a tasty breakfast of waffles with strawberries (frozen) and candied pecans and a fried egg:

After breakfast settled (and after I went for a quick run), we set out to enjoy the afternoon sunshine with a walk around the Lower East Side and a stop at Prosperity Dumpling in Chinatown.  Hello, cheap lunch!   And absolutely delicious!!  At five dumplings for a dollar, Prosperity is even cheaper than Vanessa’s up the street.  We each had an order of dumplings and a sesame pancake with beef.  Bemoaning our tiny freezer, we left with only one bag of 50 frozen dumplings ($8) to take home.

Pretty sure dinner tonight is going to be leftovers, or frozen pizza, or something…maybe even dumplings again!

Today’s DRINK: As the hubs and I strolled around after our dumpling lunch, I reeeeeeeally wanted to stop and have a beer somewhere.  Blinded by the sunshine, perhaps, and the magic that can only happen on THAT DAY of the year when spring seems so imminent, I had visions of sitting on a patio somewhere, sipping a cold one and soaking up some rays.

But alas…it is still March.  By 4:30 PM, the sun was sinking awfully low in the sky.  No patio beers for me.  Sigh.

I settled instead for picking up some Bud Light Wheat on the way home and enjoying a cold one by the heat of the radiator.

Yes, I did put it in a frosted mug with a lemon to make it look classier for this picture.

Today’s RUN: Can I just say how excited I was to run in shorts and a T-shirt today!  SO excited!

I set out with the idea that I’d do a little mini-tempo run on my usual 5-mile route and tried for 7:30 pace.  I finished in 37:40, which is like 7:32, so pretty damn close!  Good enough for me – especially with a belly full of waffle.

4 responses to “It’s THAT DAY of the year

  1. Ok. Tell me right now please: should I waste money and calories on the BL Wheat, or man up and drink the real stuff? Can you tell the difference? Do you care about the difference? Also, the weather makes me remember the days when my legs weren’t blindingly white. I like it.

    • I do like it better than plain Bud Light! Now, it’s not as good as a “real” Hefeweissen, by any means, but I was feeling cheap yesterday and also, since I knew I’d be having several over the course of the night, shaving some calories seemed like a good idea too.

      BL Wheat is, also, unequivocally superior to BL Lime. Which is sort of nasty IMO.

  2. Man that makes me want a waffle iron! I got pancakes at 2am last night after leaving the bar but its just not the same =(

  3. Your comment about the ice cream bar made me laugh, because I got froyo this Sunday and walked around with it outside! It was just another one of those days. Plus, it was 40 carats from Bloomingdales, really, how could I resist?

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