Casual competition

Dear random runner on Central Park loop, counter clockwise, at approximately 4:15 PM today:

Thank you.

I followed you diligently for at least three miles today.  From the corner of 60th and Central Park West, up around to the boathouse,  past the Guggenheim and NYRR HQ, all along the Upper East Side and past that tease that is the 102nd St transverse…I reeled you in.

I was having an absolutely terrible run.  My shirt was rubbing funny, my pony tail was flopping, my socks were bunching, the Diet Coke from my lunch was staging an upward revolt in my tummy…you name it, it was going wrong today.  But you, in your navy shirt, with the white print.  I stuck on you like glue and crept ever so closer.

Not gonna lie…I felt like we were in this together by the time I caught you!  Finally, I huffed and puffed my way around you – and on the evilest of evil hills in the park, around the northwestern corner, nonetheless.  I was shocked (!)  and proud to finally read the writing on your shirt that I’d been staring at for the last 25 minutes:

Boston Marathon 2009

Hey, if I can pass ’em in the park, I should surely be able to join ’em on the course next spring!  Never mind the fact that he might have been running a super duper recovery run – or out on his first workout since last April – or whatever a sub-3:10 marathoner would be doing, being passed by a girl like me.  Hell, it could have been his wife’s or son’s shirt.  That’s fine.  It gave me the confidence and motivation I needed to finish my run strong today.

So, random super-fast-marathon guy, I am sure you didn’t even realize we were competing.  But I want to sincerely thank you for a fine race.

Today’s EAT: The hubs and I had an awesome home-cooked dinner with friends – a very tasty spaghetti bolognase.  I am going to have to get the recipe and try it myself because it was delicious!  There was apparently prosciutto involved, which pretty much makes it a winner in my book!  YUM!

Today’s DRINK:  We had some wine, of course. 🙂

Today’s RUN: So honestly, today, my run felt terrible.  I would seriously not have pulled through it without the little race game I played with the random guy.  Everything just felt off.  Somehow I still managed to squeak out a decent run, for me – finished the 6-mile CP loop in just under 47 minutes.

I had planned to lift weights tomorrow, but I think it might be time for a day off.  The legs are starting to feel very heavy and exhausted.  At most maybe I’ll do some cross training and lift some light upper body weights.

Oh yeah…also did an hour of Vinyasa Yoga this morning.  Which felt hard too.  Just exhausted today.


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