WTF NYC Moment of the week

Gentlemen.  Ahem.

Leggings?  Really?  No.  Just….no.

The stretchy skinny jeans on boys were bad enough.  But I forgave them – they’re trendy, I get it.  And on the right guy they aren’t so heinous.  But motherfrigging cotton-lycra-blend leggings?  Never.  Nothing should cling that close on a dude.  Not unless you’re on stage dancing a pas de deux with the Sugar Plum Fairy, anyway.

Boys, I don’t care how great you think your ass is or whose team you’re batting for.  Please just say no to leggings.  Leave this trend to the girls – our bodies are far better suited for clingy fabric around the hips.



Today’s EAT: Wild Salmon in the wintertime is a bit confusing for this native Pacific Northwest girl, but when I saw some frozen at TJ’s last week I decided to give it a try.  And while it can’t come close to fresh caught salmon in September, it was pretty tasty dressed up with a Maple Glaze (recipe here):

Served with a couple of awesome Greenmarket finds: fresh whole-wheat pasta from a local farm and sunflower sprouts!  I tossed the sprouts with homemade balsamic vinaigrette.  I love trying new foods, and I’d never had sunflower sprouts before!  They taste kind of like a cross between bean sprouts and salad greens and are apparently packed with protein.  Yum!  I’ll definitely buy them again in the future – either to have as a salad on their own or mixed in with other salad greens.  They’d be good on a sandwich too.

And because that was all way too healthy, we’re finishing the night off with some mini-cupcakes from Baked By Melissa:

This place is so cute with its quarter-sized cupcakes!  I got a trio of mint chocolate chip, cookie dough and peanut butter cup:

Perfect for an itty bitty sweet tooth like mine. 🙂

Today’s DRINK: Red wine with fish?!  Sure, why not!  Tonight it’s Merlot.  We are still working through the awesome box of E.B. Foote that my mom and her husband sent us a few weeks ago!  Very enjoyable and this is definitely a step up from the $6 Trader Joe’s stuff that we normally drink.  It’s going to be a sad day when it runs out.

Today’s RUN: Day off!  I’m resting up for what I think is going to be an extremely hard workout tomorrow.  Stay tuned for more on that…


9 responses to “WTF NYC Moment of the week

  1. LMAO! 😀 Too funny and I totally agree.

    Mmmm mini cupcakes look delish!

  2. This made me LOL very early in the morning. So thank you for that. I tried googling “ugly hipster Amish-style men’s shoes” to find a picture of this trend I can’t STAND that is popping up all over, but failed. Not as bad as leggings, but picture the kind of shoe you would make if you had no idea how to make shoes, and that’s what they are.

  3. You need to start carrying a camera on you to capture these NYC WTF moments!

  4. oh my, the number of WTF NYC moments i experience on a weekly basis is absurd. this could be the title of a book of vignettes on city living. are these men straight? ’cause if you were walking around chelsea, okay i get it, but anywhere else… questionable.

    those cupcakes are wonderfully sized. mmmm. never seen that little shop before – will have to stop by!

    • The most recent male leggings-wearer was near Union Square, which is sort of Chelsea-ish. I’ve seen them elsewhere around the city too though! So not necessary!

  5. Omg thats hilarious. I don’t know what I’d do if my husband wanted to wear leggings. Haha! Love those cupcakes! I think I’ve heard of Baked By Melissa somewhere… 🙂

  6. I will take a trio of mini cupcakes too please. yum!

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