WTF NYC – er, New Jersey – Moment of the Week

The scene: Newark Airport, Saturday night.

The hubs and I had just deplaned after a hellacious journey from Cleveland that involved many canceled flights and much waiting on standby lists.  Having sat on a circling plane for two hours of terrific turbulence, we both had to pee, and separated to our respective restrooms.

I emerged to find the hubs with a smirk on his face.  What happened?

In his characteristically analytical business-school style, pausing for drama: “Well.  Two things.”

Okay.  What happened?

“First.  There was a guy in one of the stalls.  He was making….noises.”

Noises?  What kind of noises?

Joyous noises.”

I giggle, if only at his delivery.

“And THEN.”  Another dramatic pause.  “You know those hand dryer things?”


“There was a guy drying his butt.”

I have no words.

Thank you, Newark, for providing a moment of hilarity to an otherwise stressful day.  Keep it classy, Terminal C.

Today’s EAT:  I am not going to lie, I have barely budged from the couch today.  I did my grocery shopping (online for delivery tomorrow), caught up on a few work things, and watched Knocked Up on E!.  Other than the 45 minutes for which I dragged myself out to run, it was an entirely lazy day. Glorious.

Dinner time was approaching, though.  What to do?  Disinclined to trek out to the store for one meal’s supplies, and not wanting to spend a bunch of money on delivery, I ransacked the kitchen and came up with this:

Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Pecans, Feta and Raisins (recipe page here) and some sweet potato baked home fries.  Yum!  The hubs was even impressed, and he’s not usually impressed by chicken.

I’m pleased with myself for being resourceful and not just resorting to ordering Thai food or something when the fridge was looking a little sparse.  I am excited for groceries to come tomorrow though.

Today’s DRINK:  I’ve been bad about blogging wine lately, I know!  It’s not because I’m not drinking wine – oh believe me, I’m having a glass right now!  But it’s the same bottle that I’ve blogged in the past, so taking a pretty picture is not terribly novel.  Sorry.

I have a trip to TJ’s wine shop planned for this week, though, so hopefully I’ll have some great new bargain wines to share soon!

Today’s RUN:  I did NOT want to run today.  I just didn’t.  It was rainy and gross and on top of that, I feel like I might be coming down with something and/or feeling the beginning of spring allergies.  I.e., I’m a congested mess who just wants to lay on the couch.

Buuuuut….I didn’t do anything yesterday (because of the travel mess) so I felt like I needed to do something today.  I dragged myself off the couch for a very easy 5-miler, 46:15.   Previously I’d sort of planned to do a longer, harder run today – my half marathon is in one week!  But with feeling sort of under the weather, my gut was telling me to take it easy.

Honestly…sometimes running slow is harder than running fast!  I really had to make myself take it easy today.  Often when I just want to get a workout over with, I tend to push the pace, and I definitely felt that urge a couple of times today.  I took it nice and mellow though.  Maybe I’ll feel up for a longer run tomorrow?  If not, then that’s probably it, and I’ll cut down the miles and rest up for this Sunday!


One response to “WTF NYC – er, New Jersey – Moment of the Week

  1. LOL. That’s crazy people for ya. 😀

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