March Music

It’s summertime!!  Okay, maybe not quite yet.  But the beautiful weather today inspired me to do my unofficial monthly playlist update!

In honor of the balmy 60-degree temperatures and abundant sunshine here in NYC, I dug up some old summer favorites, including some country!  I love country music but don’t often run to it.  However, some upbeat Tim McGraw and Toby Keith is a welcome change.

As usual, it’s a few new songs mixed in with stuff that I resurrected from my iTunes library.

Also, nothing says SUMMER like Lil Jon.   WHHHHHHHAT?  OH-KAY!

Today’s EAT: Meat and potatoes night around here!

I’m always oddly pleased when I can make a great meal out of just a few ingredients.

Steak: Hanger steak, marinated in red wine and balsamic vinegar, with garlic, salt and pepper.

Asparagus: Brushed with olive oil, salt and pepper; baked; topped with feta.

Potatoes: Pioneer Woman’s amazing Crash Hot Potatoes, which include: olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary.  (Really, you should check this recipe out.  If you can’t decide between mashed potatoes and baked potatoes, it’s perfect!)

So easy, so delicious.

Today’s DRINK:  A little red wine, but: I am resting my liver for tomorrow.  I heart St. Patrick’s Day!

Today’s RUN: Yesterday’s run was crappy and today’s was absolutely fantastic.  Isn’t it weird how that works?

I’m trying to take it relatively easy, on a bit of a taper for my half-marathon on Sunday, but today felt like Spring and I had a spring in my step!  I did my 5 mile route in 36:45, which is actually faster than my goal pace for this weekend.  I wasn’t actually trying to do a fast run, but it just happens sometimes….and when it does, it feels so good and I can’t resist it. 🙂

Tomorrow is a rest day.  The only thing I’ll be working out is my pint drinking arm!!


2 responses to “March Music

  1. Looks delish! Where do you get your hanger steak from???

  2. We just ordered it from FreshDirect, I was really surprised that the quality was as good as it was! It’s still weird to me to buy meat online without seeing it in person first. 🙂

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